when to harvest yarrow for tincture

A community space for women and men the world around to explore the Wise Woman Tradition through the sharing of our wisdom, experiences, knowledge and support in a spirit of mutual respect. The best time to harvest yarrow is when it is in full bloom. I usually cut the top three or four inches of each yarrow plant, doing my best to allow the stalk to reflower by cutting just above a leaf node. Yarrow is used for both initiating menses and for stopping excessive flow. Once you know what to look for and where to look for it, harvesting yarrow is simple. It can grow up to 3 feet high and spreads via rhizome roots. Bruise or tear the flowers and stems, filling the jar about 3/4 full. Through thinning the blood and increasing circulation, it also helps congested people breath better. Plants that grow on wind swept sea cliffs and mountainsides have the strongest medicine. Thank you so much for your feedback. Yarrow was revered as a sacred and magical herb during the middle ages but much of its knowledge was lost during the burning times. I tried both clicking on the pdf. Eclectic Institute, Original 1869. Yarrow oil is a beautiful blue-green to sky-blue color and contains the compound azulene. Thank you. The stems can be quite thick, so pruning shears come in handy! Leaves can be harvested any time of year but is most potent in spring and early summer. She founded Indie Herbalist in 2011. Flowers can reach a foot high. Harvest only the wild white yarrow. You may find a rainbow of yarrow blooms of in pinks, reds, and lavenders at a garden center. Tannins also help your body’s immune system respond to bacteria and germs. Main Identifying Yarrow: Yarrow is a perennial herb with finely divided, feathery looking leaves. I had a high fever and swollen tonsils, not to mention being asthmatic, my breathing was terrible. For tincture, the flowering tops are the best. It makes a wonderful facial steam that improves complexion. The Healing Power of Backyard Plants at Your Fingertips, There are a few herbs that look very similar to yarrows, such as Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrot (. This seems to be when yarrow is at its most potent. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I just planted by first Yarrow plant yesterday. To dry the flowers, spread them out on some paper and place them in a well-ventilated room out of the sun. Variables from one year to the next can make your harvest earlier or later. Remember that it is your responsibility to consult a medical professional. I can gather ten or so stalks this way, and it makes for less back-and-forth to the harvest basket. The Teton Dakota People call yarrow “medicine for the wounded.”  “Warrior plant” is another common name among native communities across the United States and Canada. Willow (Salix ssp.) You can buy the oil, but make sure you are storing it properly. With each sting, the swelling and pain increased. This may be what the ancient Chinese were talking about when they said that it “reconciles opposing forces and brings balance.”. It was also drunk as a tea to induce sweating during flu-like symptoms, to purify the blood, and to ease bloody diarrhea. It’s easier to keep green in my yard than the grass is, so I don’t mind it. Thank you. Once the flower stalks and buds appear, though, you’ll know that your yarrow harvest is only a few weeks away. Yarrow is in the Compositae family, and this family can contain sesquiterpene lactones. A fascinating history of this ancient plant, its medicinal uses, where to find it and how and when to harvest it. Toothaches and gum problems (insufficient evidence to prove its effectiveness at this time), Relief for insomnia or anxiety (sedative effect), Hair care (traditionally used in shampoos). The smell was complex and invigorating – an invitation into a world that expanded my human parameters. This should be a white variety that is as close to wild yarrow as possible. You can, alternatively (and this is what I do), make a tincture from it. These might be A. millefolium cultivars (a “cultivated variety”) or they may be a different species all together. But until we actually figured it out, we were finding ourselves with stings from just “more aggressive than normal” bees. The best time to harvest yarrow is when it is in full bloom. Once the flower stalks and buds appear, though, you’ll know that your yarrow harvest is only a few weeks away. A recent US Army study showed yarrow tincture to be more effective than DEET as an insect repellent. I only cut for a second harvest every few years, though. Store in a dark, cool place. Sweat will soon flow profusely. In Germany, they make a tea of Yarrow, and then dip a clean cloth into the tea and use as a compress. North Atlantic Books, 1997. Look for yarrow growing in fields and meadows. Use it orally for a mild case of insomnia or digestive problems, or apply it topically to cuts, scrapes, or stings. Bruise or tear the flowers and stems, filling the jar about 3/4 full. Yarrow is a complex medicine to understand. Colds and Flu: Yarrow fights infection, stimulates sweating, and lowers fever. For tincture, the flowering tops are the best. It may lower blood pressure by moving blood to the skin and easing the burden on the heart. The root is used for pain including toothaches and is best harvested in fall. It’s our way of saying “thanks”. It also took a very long time to download the article from the internet. It contains a compound called thujone which is actually toxic, but it is considered safe to consume occasionally in low doses. Variables from one year to the next can make your harvest earlier or later. Fischer-Rizzi, Susan. Wood, Matthew. It also has been used traditionally as an antiseptic thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, as well as an effective method to staunch minor bleeding, and to treat skin conditions, such as eczema. function callPin(permalink) { I can usually spot new growth through March, and then by late April or early May growth really takes off. Pour in about twice as much alcohol, ensuring the plants are below the liquid line. It can be a little tricky at first, but after a few tries you will fall into the rhythm of it. In China, yarrow sticks were used to reawaken the spiritual forces of the mind when divining with the I-Ching. Despite its bitter taste, there are a few innovative ways to add small amounts of yarrow to your diet. Usually I harvest enough to make a big batch of infused oil to use throughout the year. Your email address will not be published. I only link to products and services that I love - and that I think you will love, too! Mailing Address:  It’s not a common reaction, but it is one to be aware of if you regularly harvest large amounts of yarrow (such as if you are farming yarrow or growing cultivars for cut flowers), because of the potential for a sensitivity to develop over time from exposure. It has a number of traditional medicinal uses, most commonly for pain relief, treating cold and flu symptoms, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and healing minor wounds. And wait. When you get a wound, it helps blood platelets stick together and form a scab. This is because cutting all of the flowers before they set seed will encourage the plant to put energy into a second bloom. Enjoyed the reveries about the lovely Yarrow. Yarrow is used for physical and spiritual protection – especially to clarifying boundaries. For Yarrow, you’ll need an alcohol that is at least 80% proof; people recommend Brandy (probably for flavor), but I use Vodka for our tinctures. } I have a yarrow plant that is 3 years old. For the dry plant use 1 part herb to 5 parts alcohol (40-50% alcohol). The tincture is ready to use in six weeks.

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