what is biodata

Synonyms for biodata include CV, curriculum vitae, employment record, résumé, vita, qualifications, bio, biography, resume and life story. Biodata Format: Biodata is a document that concentrates on your details such as date of birth, gender, religion, nationality, place of residence, marital status, parents’ names, contact details, current position, salary, etc. The full form of biodata is Bibliographical Data. If you’re looking for a job in America switch over to: How to Write a Resume that Gets You the Job If it’s not the US, but elsewhere around the world see: How to Write a CV for the Job of Your Dreams 1 This can refer to a special type of resume, which includes the most common information and personal data like date of birth, nationality, age, marital status, occupation, race, religious conviction, etc. The biodata formats we’ll be focusing on here are number one and two; an alternative word for a resume and/or a supplement to a classic resume. Sample Biodata Formats: Download a FREE biodata format for a job. Resumes are the most common document used when applying for a job in the United States, and they summarize your professional life. In a bio data, the focus is on personal particulars like date of birth, gender, religion, race, nationality, residence, marital status, and the like. A resume will include details about where you’ve worked, the skills you have, and your education. Information and translations of biodata in the most comprehensive … Download a FREE biodata format for marriage.. Get it for FREE . It may also include a brief opening remark, your education, and experience in sequential order. biodata GmbH - Wir bieten Lösungen im Zusammenhang mit Natura 2000. Biodata and resumes serve a similar function, but they have their differences. What does biodata mean? Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! In some South Asian countries (e.g. So, a biodata is just another word for resume or CV. Meaning of biodata. However, in a biodata you will typically put a lot more emphasis on information that you wouldn’t normally add in a classic resume. It’s usually only one page long and is intended as an overview of your career. Nowadays, Biodata has a reference mostly in case of arranged (or love) marriages where parents ask for it from the other party. Biodata war ein im Bereich IT-Sicherheit tätiges, deutsches Unternehmen der sogenannten New Economy mit Sitz in Frankenberg (Eder) Geschichte. Biodata also includes education and working experience listed in chronological order. Tan Siekmann kaufte die Biodata … Definition of biodata in the Definitions.net dictionary. Biodata is an old-dated terminology for CV or resume.

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