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Weather Echo™ Plus. Wizard, Movie and is frozen. Mardon's brother, Clyde, a scientist, had just discovered a way to control the weather before dying of a heart attack (although recent evidence implies that Mardon murdered his brother and either lied about or blocked out the memory of finding his body). Silver Banshee | Some time in the past, the Flash foiled a previous extortion scheme of his, but was unable to recover some of the money involved. Variation of Bio-Energy Manipulation and Weather Manipulation. Roulette | Trident | Darkseid | The Lumberjack | Slade | Eclipso | H.I.V.E. Superman: Lex Luthor | Otis | Eve Teschmacher | General Zod | Non | Ursa Eradicator | Be prepared with the most accurate 10-day forecast for Powers, OR with highs, lows, chance of precipitation from The Weather Channel and Kid Karnevil | Doctor Destiny | This is due to having his DNA fused with his wand in the genome recoder. When his father died, his brother Claudio started operating the cartel business. Weather Wizard on Hidden Island. Sammy & Cash | In all three of these shows, he is voiced by Corey Burton. Zoom, Television Mark Mardon finally appears in Out of Time. He killed her with a lightning bolt, avenging his brothers death. Mark Mardon escaped from prison and went to his brother for help. Shade | Dominus | Tobias Whale | During the charity race between Flash and Superman, Mardon adopted his new costumed identity and used a sophisticated weather control … Weather Wizard joins the Rogues in an elaborate train heist that is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Gorilla Grodd's invasion force. The Source | Weather Wizard is a member of Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society, and later appears in the episode "Flash and Substance." 72 Appearances of Marco Mardon (Prime Earth), 22 Images featuring Marco Mardon (Prime Earth), 4 Quotations by or about Marco Mardon (Prime Earth), Character Gallery: Marco Mardon (Prime Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Key | Solomon Grundy | Like the other Rogues, Weather Wizard rejects Libra's offer of membership Secret Society. Damien Darhk | Thunder & Lighting | 03:36PM During the charity race between Flash and Superman, Mardon adopted his new costumed identity and used a sophisticated weather control device (developed mainly by Ben, Mardon's brother) in a grand new extortion scheme. Shimmer | He is portrayed by Liam McIntyre. Weather Wizard is among the powerful beings captured and brainwashed by Granny Goodness in Halls of Power Part II. Jax-Ur | He is first seen at a barn, shooting at policemen. Reverse-Flash | All-Star Superman: Lex Luthor | Solaris | Parasite | Bar-El & Lilo-El Solar Power Kit … Dr. Light | Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Lex Luthor | Major Force | Metallo | Amanda Waller | Toyman | Solomon Grundy | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Lady Shiva | Giganta | Mongul | Captain Cold If he causes rain, he becomes depressed; creating a storm makes him angry and violent. Golden Gilder | Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo: Uehara Daizo | Brushogun | Saico-Tek | Nya-Nya | Deka-Mido | Timoko | Mecha-Boi | Scarface Confronting the speedster, they are met by Libra, who has taken Josh hostage in order to force the team to join with him. Episode(s). Tooth Fairy | Doctor Regulus | Gunhawk | King Shark | Season 2: Zoom | Reverse-Flash | Captain Cold | Killer Frost (Earth-2) | Caitlin Snow | King Shark | Dr. Light | Geomancer | The Turtle | Time Wraiths | Tokamak | Heat Wave | Atom-Smasher | Anthony Bellows | Sand Demon | Lewis Snart | Gorilla Grodd | Vandal Savage | Dark Archer | Weather Wizard | The Trickster | Tar Pit | Reverb | Trajectory | Pied Piper | James Zolomon | Griffin Grey | Rupture | Girder | Black Siren Brainiac | He wanted this wand so badly, he killed his brother to obtain it. Funky Flashman | White Martians | Hurt Bot | Brotherhood of Evil | Superboy-Prime | During the Rogue War, Weather Wizard sides with the unreformed Rogues in their fight against the reformed Rogues. Rama Khan | Master of Games | Gender Mark and four other Rogues are approached by Abra Kadabra, who offers them the chance to become infamous villains. I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. Kid Kold | Riddler | 1 Intro 2 Objectives 3 Location 4 Map 5 Walkthrough 6 Result 7 Gallery 8 See also WANTED! Sandwich Guardians |

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