was tiberius a good emperor

Is it possible that, perhaps, one might be a great emperor and a monster? Claudius was probably the most academically learned and also most observant of the Julio-Claudians. Tiberius was earlier in his reign not one to always preside over or interfere with senatorial matters or with cases-in-law as Augustus had done. Undoubtedly, his military skills and talent of being a general were amazing, but in 6 BCE, Tiberius went into self-imposed exile on Rhodes island without returning to Rome up until 2 CE. Another grandson of Augustus was later banished. It doesn’t help that Tiberius takes a sort-of-forced interest in his nephew Caligula, moves him to Capri and adopts him. Worse, his character flaws meant that even if the Roman people. I believe that Tiberius suffered a broken heart and perpetual loneliness when he assumed the principate later paving the way for him completely withdrawing from public life in his final years. ", A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Agrippina: Empress. Was Tiberius really as brutal and depraved as our sources claim? However, he does hate women. He was later ordered to Germany where he defeated several tribes. Even worse, when Sejanus’s plot is revealed to Tiberius, he cleans house by having Sejanus and everyone associated with him put  to death for treason. And the last thing that Augustus ever wanted was to make Tibby emperor. He was dark, gloomy and unhappy person 3. Many great Roman names were implicated, falsely or not, and while that inquisition lasted no one on Capri was safe. A leader abandoning his seat of power, to indulge themselves in decadent living, and allowing underlings to rule in their stead is pretty poor leadership. He was born on November 16th, 42 BC and died on March 16th, 37 AD. So he spends all his time having people flung off cliffs for tiny slights, and grated with giant fish(5) for the fun of it. First his skin broke out in blotches, and then his complexion became covered with pus-filled eruptions, exuding a bad smell and causing a good deal of pain. Poor Tibby, as with every other aristocrat of his and his parents' generations, lived an exciting life, none more exciting that when his mother - the 19 year old Livia - while heavily pregnant with his younger brother, suddenly divorced his dad and married Octavian taking 3 year old Tiberius with her. One can see how they arose, however. Parents of the emperor divorced when he was only 4 years old and mother, Livia, chose another man whom she found better than Nero. He would have been an excellent emperor if he got the position when he was younger. Tiberius was selected to take over de-facto command of the East. He came to supreme power already growing old. Tiberius was born in 42 BCE and his real father was Tiberius Claudius Nero, who didn’t support Augustus’ views. During the reign of Tiberius, which lasted for 23 years, he lived a life full of suspicions. In addition, Sejanus divorced with his wife and left his children, but Tiberius denied the request of Livillia and Sejanus to marry in 25 CE. The effective ruler for much of this time, the praetorian prefect Sejanus, was heavily involved in the treason trials and used his power to purge members of the Julio-Claudian dynasty who were an impediment to his own personal power. However, he still did not return to Rome and power was largely in the hands of the successor of Sejanus in the Praetorian Guard. The young Tiberius was at first raised by his father, but after he died he went to live in the home of his Stepfather Augustus. Importantly, Tiberius never shown great enthusiasm for coming to the power. Nefarious folk like Sejanus, who appears to have tried to set himself up as a Princeps Regent, bump off Tiberius’s only son and marry his daughter-in-law in order to become Tibby’s heir. I leave that for you to decide, dear reader. Tiberius during his principate exercised his powers and duties judiciously, lawfully, and honestly as a true republican is suppose to, an example worth appreciating and emulating. First, it allowed nefarious folk with designs on his power to place themselves as intermediaries between a disinterested Princeps and a cowed, pathetic senate. Augustus finally drops dead, and Tiberius takes on all the remaining powers of the principate (3). If not, why was he portrayed that way? The news of the succession was proclaimed to the world. Poor Tibby is disposed of and everyone tries very hard to forget him. The Senate rejected the motion. However, they fail to realize or teach that the Roman Republic before the time of Gaius Julius Caesar IV (my 65th great-uncle) never had a chief executive that was both head of state and head of government. The senate and Caligula don’t bother to have him voted any posthumous honours and refuse to deify him as they had Augustus and JC and there is apparently widespread jubilation about Caligula’s ascension. He knew when it was vital in being tough and when to exercise restraint. However, Tiberius was apparently still alive, and there is a suggestion that Caligula ordered the death of Tiberius to ensure he became the new Emperor. He did not move armies about or change governors of provinces without reason. Caligula, as we’ll get to, has a very, very bad reputation and so Tiberius gets a lot of flak for making him his heir, despite his very limited choices. Agrippina wanted her sons: Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar, and Gaius Julius Caesar (Caligula) to be considered next in line to the throne. They couldn’t IMAGINE why anyone wouldn’t want to live in Rome, especially not a ruler. After a few years, Tiberius wanted to return to Rome, but Augustus refused him leave to return, despite the pleas of his mother Livia. In 27 ce, at age 67, Tiberius left Rome to visit some of the southern parts of Italy. You have no right to assume that a ‘descendant’ has ANY of the attributes of ONE or TWO family members from THOUSANDS of years ago. This rumour was started by Tacitus, who hated her too. Such efforts will be rewarded greatly – question of ancient slavery (Roman) or gladiatorial shows, for example. The last years of his life he was completely absent from Rome 5.

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