types of still life photography

When coupled with wonderful light and composition any still life object demands to stand out as an art. The ancient still life paintings were admired for their realism. The photo was taken by 19-year-old psychology student Elena K, who seems to have mastered the art of creating incredible still life photography – most of which is showcased in a breathtaking Flickr portfolio. Beautiful. Based in London, Jonathan Knowles specialises in beautifully composed still life photography. ALL RIGHT RESERVED, Product Photography – A Creative Collection, Still Life Photography – 50 Stunning Examples, Digital Photo Manipulation – Incredible Examples, Awesome Examples Of Under Water Photography, Beautiful Photos Of Classic And Vintage Cars, The World’s 50 Best Photos of The Year by Agora, Street Photography & The Art of Composition – 30 Majestic Photographs (Part 16), IPF Portrait Prize 2020: Winners & Finalists Of The Contest, Beautiful Dog Photos By Polish Photographer Alicja Zmyslowska, 15 Beautiful Photography Websites Powered by WordPress, How to give titles for your Photographs – Tips and Examples, Faces Of Myanmar: Photo Series By Tania Chatterjee, Galomaro’s hospital – Photostory by Daniel Rodrigues, Improvising Photography through Cinema – An Interesting Study. Still lifes have been around since ancient Egypt. The objects found in ancient still lifes were typically bowls of fruit (bowls of fruit are still considered popular in still lifes even today). Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Photography Anatoly Che is a still life master - his online portfolio literally rammed full of stunning, creative images created from the most ordinary of objects. Pushing the bike to the forefront of our focus, its colours pop from the image, whilst the background is blurred to a beautiful effect. Take a look at this wonderful pictures, we have put for you, Inspire from them and create something exceptional to surprise yourself. With Creative Lighting And Some Technique, You Can Even Make Food Look Eerie!. With a keen interest in creatures and flowers, Kowatari captures the essense of nature in a light like no other. Living and working in London, her unique style has landed her editorial clients include Another Magazine, Vogue, and Ten. This gorgeous mirror image was taken by photographer Alma Kerpauskiene. Inspired by the Golden Age of Dutch painting, Bas Meeuws tries to recreate the feel of classic still lifes in his photography. One of his most famous works is a lone can of Campbell's soup. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Photographer Robert Sulkin has created countless beautiful and intriguing still life images. Less still lifes are actually painted now and are instead created on computers. To start with one can choose some interesting subjects within your house, light them properly, and shoot them with experimental compositions. This shot of the London Underground showcases the geometric inspiration we can often find all around us. What makes this genre of photography more easy as well as compelling, depends on the subject we choose to photograph with appropriate light. The popular series is titled “Das gebaute Bild” (The Constructed Picture). Ron Augustine is a rookie freelance writer and producer who has worked primarily in radio and print media for Chicago Public Radio's Sound Opinions, Relevant Magazine, WMBI Chicago and the Burnside Writers Collective. Since, still life photography is not about taking timeserving shots; photographers usually have ample of time to get the best possible shot. His work is painstakingly assembled from shots of individual flowers taken with the same lighting, with each detailed and multi-layered image taking between 40 and 60 hours to put together. Highly Creative stuff. . Who'd have thought a bunch of bananas could be so beautiful? However, due to the inanimate nature of the objects, you have plenty of time to get the perfect light and create the most aesthetically pleasing composition. Influences of the Greek & Etruscan Civilizations on Roman Art, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. We love the simplicity of the composition and beautiful colours in this Sealed With A Loving Kiss image by Lafugue Logos. Required fields are marked *. You need to master the art of carefully selecting objects, the lighting and dozens of other variants. Thanks to the modern art movement with artists like Pablo Picasso and M. C. Escher at the helm, still life painting took a sharp turn away from realism into the surreal. The result in still life paintings was the inclusion of objects like shells and insects. This lady has an awe-inspiring portfolio full of still life images but this black and white image really stands out. In that time, she's worked with clients including Harper Collins, Microsoft, Samsung, Hallmark, and American Express. And this atmospheric shot is our favourite. But this is most definitely our favourite; the lighting and antique look transforming the most ordinary everyday objects into a beautiful piece of art. Adobe Black Friday: Photoshop and Premiere Pro Elements deals are MEGA cheap. So he finds ways to give life to otherwise inanimate objects, such as in Melted. © Magda Indigo has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Toward the middle of the century, Andy Warhol revolutionized the still life by displaying objects as mass-produced pop iconography. Zentjens has spent many years developing his particular style and photography techniques in order to convey the correct mood. You'll never look at an ice lolly in the same way again. Meaning of Still life photography. Awesome Still Photography, Your email address will not be published.

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