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��w�G� xR^���[�oƜch�g�`>b���$���*~� �:����E���b��~���,m,�-��ݖ,�Y��¬�*�6X�[ݱF�=�3�뭷Y��~dó ���t���i�z�f�6�~`{�v���.�Ng����#{�}�}��������j������c1X6���fm���;'_9 �r�:�8�q�:��˜�O:ϸ8������u��Jq���nv=���M����m����R 4 � 12 0 obj There are three main types of buses: 1. 4 0 obj They have the briefcase like style and they endobj 4 0 obj 507 14 Tabletcomputer–Likelaptops,butwithatouch- screen,entirelyreplacingthephysicalkeyboard. 0000001018 00000 n !���?��K0���y 3 0 obj They are supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers, servers, personal computers and embedded systems. Computers differ based on their data processing abilities. endobj Computers can be classified according to their capacity. 2y�.-;!���K�Z� ���^�i�"L��0���-�� @8(��r�;q��7�L��y��&�Q��q�4�j���|�9�� %PDF-1.5 %%EOF 2 0 obj endstream endstream endobj 520 0 obj<>/W[1 1 1]/Type/XRef/Index[78 429]>>stream x��˂���݅Ws)���X��я�;�rN�TBPP���P=��^���%����.���.���.���.���.���.���.���.���.���.��WnFK�r��o�+� �Θ���1cS�*���KrM������3�/�͍l�1����S�K�^T~��)=-ƽ�����n��;)�����Ja7���vcxN�La�V��7S�}�Srs��_��Zۻm����ګʨ��Sx;��� �?x���9���?nQ��_��Z���`�Qc�c�S�Y��o��1D�?8���ZeP��I���Gh�w\ϛ԰���1�#�2z�M߫���y����_2h��읈o����)�2���1��wC�D���ڄ��l��C�G� ���� �����G��Fn�( ���&c`�?��'�?�G�*����m(� �@����q��xn4k��V�{�^>�w�n���������_�� *(�0P?�q' �+D�+��Vy������! �x������- �����[��� 0����}��y)7ta�����>j���T�7���@���tܛ�`q�2��ʀ��&���6�Z�L�Ą?�_��yxg)˔z���çL�U���*�u�Sk�Se�O4?׸�c����.� � �� R� ߁��-��2�5������ ��S�>ӣV����d�`r��n~��Y�&�+`��;�A4�� ���A9� =�-�t��l�`;��~p���� �Gp| ��[`L��`� "A�YA�+��Cb(��R�,� *�T�2B-� 5 0 obj endobj x�m��j�@E��w9#��7�dą�X,H-t!.D���I��&�%J���{�A��d/�"M��e?R(""6��!$�P����$��!J��C�H�!�z �fA�xΰ6j����50�ۓ����! endstream endobj 508 0 obj<>/OCGs[510 0 R]>>/PieceInfo<>>>/LastModified(D:20040901101357)/MarkInfo<>>> endobj 510 0 obj<>/PageElement<>>>>> endobj 511 0 obj<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>>/StructParents 0>> endobj 512 0 obj<> endobj 513 0 obj[/ICCBased 518 0 R] endobj 514 0 obj<> endobj 515 0 obj<>stream 0000000587 00000 n Mainframes, Supercomputers and Tablet PC c. Electronic Organizers and Palmtop Computers and Embedded Computers d. ALL OF THE ABOVE. %PDF-1.4 %���� A data bus can transfer data to and from the memory of a computer, or into or out of the central endobj Different types of computers – clockwise from top left: Desktop computer (IBM ThinkCentre S50 with monitor), Smartphone (LYF Water 2), Supercomputer (IBM Blue … 15 0 obj Hand-held computers are also called PDAs, palmtops and pocket computers. oچB)I�Z�*�����T�Vl��)�imF31��v�(Q�|�BzH+)T�{�tL�5+���4l�'�$+ Palmtop A small computer that literally fits in your palm. endobj <> �6�ں�u�$B�R��n#c���W�n��꿭��s���� K~��Q�� pO�N��l�n�-���~6KǺ�1�`x&vf��FRe�� P��C���sz�B�6&���1p?��7i�?0 ������ �U��2���������jߟ�m���D9��6 Mainframe Computers •There are several organizations such as banks, insurance companies, railways etc that need on-line processing of large number of transactionsSuper-computers •The fastest type of computer. 0000003652 00000 n 0000001656 00000 n <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The different types of computers are 1. 0000002947 00000 n �V��)g�B�0�i�W��8#�8wթ��8_�٥ʨQ����Q�j@�&�A)/��g�>'K�� �t�;\�� ӥ$պF�ZUn����(4T�%)뫔�0C&�����Z��i���8��bx��E���B�;�����P���ӓ̹�A�om?�W= n�3ܣ�k�Gݯz=��[=��=�B�0FX'�+������t���G�,�}���/���Hh8�m�W�2p[����AiA��N�#8$X�?�A�KHI�{!7�. endobj l��;�2e�����efC�qo�5�=��4�����Ex0`ܑĄ=+9k7�¾���-�ݍMۙ�tY����3� [|g��m��! t���9�+*��3���ɿ��M}�������'n���o���M9�K��l`�,.p�P�������s�À͈CRHI�(��Bs�J����h�A%�gF���Ԙ��SJq����0ujR49aT=�Ԝ�b�,T�U���i�f�T���� +0�L)�&��4t���c���Jj�P�t�z���i�~�T�M�Y8S��Ƣ�J 7 0 obj <>>> endobj endobj ��T���`'�'��9�/4OSpB��S�Z�z��o�')�@���~l>%l��m% ;��*�Z��m��/�.�r�Gj��j��I��{m�?w���o�����D�z��&E�Q2=��DJiD�/�Vx� /�A Types of Buses in Computer A bus is a collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another. Compared to full-size computers, palmtops are severely limited, but they are practical for 1 0 obj <>/OutputIntents[<>] /Metadata 137 0 R>> �I Analog Computer An analog computer (spelt analogue in British English) is a form of computer that uses continuous physical phenomena such as electrical, mechanical, or hydraulic quantities to model the problem being solved. %�4��G���}Tw��V�$��'U� ��/` $:O. endobj <> x�b```b``�a`a``�a�a@ V da�h��^o�M�yv0XM���4e��W��zfˎe��"�3�n,�9�vT �B{�t�L��@�q��e��.�3�r�8�2'u�)�9U���,����jׁ�f?n�v��tq�еl.i �f@���YÀc �� �2ŀ������0@�ut�� ����@���e2��bi�f� W�&�K\Z����;�y�#� ����w� cB=�h([10 The four basic types of computers are as under: 1 Supercomputer 2 Mainframe Computer 3 Minicomputer 4 Microcomputer Supercomputer The most powerful computers in terms of performance and data processing are the <]>> 0000002235 00000 n xref endobj The term ‘capacity’ refers to the volume of work or the data processing capability a computer can handle. Hand-held computers are also called PDAs, palmtops and pocket computers. startxref Types of Micro Computers 1. endstream endobj Workstations Desktop PCs • A desktop personal computer is most popular model of personal computer. ]���C_�iʾ)�n^�����ŷ?�-���b]��t���I����DmZ[]�j5�}���7ߩB�eUnmk���OZUe�]՗�->/_��y{Qo�]�/^+�y���������?���f�~�����B��O������V��״By���)>����~�J|�MY�f ��B�u��pk���2eeпZLc�1��1Zh(Z���X�3�?��؜����u�"�B�ƨ�5�"���o�W��Kx��z�T�ekS�3�*�85�J�@�T������� <> It’s a term used to describe computers that have the most capable processing power of its time. ��ؤ��6�h�'�b�B�$w��:�:�f{���%ԭ;h����c�؅�X�p�-j�h���ށ����ٞNW`2D���K[��pͼ>�FZ$�N�����t������Mֲ��yz��\`�t�t�0��ɣE��\�56��b�CΆ���e����[g6k}g|w)�e�ڻ�WO(���P�R���! Desktop PCs 2. �J�8|�T�y��SX|��KE�����Զ�� 3�������/S uW?%[؄��%}��)�p�M!|f�s4�7�s��~�Y��3�- �!� �

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