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Building a house is many people's dream. Those using a package company or main contractor to build their house may choose to pick up the reins at this point and undertake the decorating tasks themselves. Tiffany Bennett is a recent graduate from Toccoa Falls College. Your architect and engineer will no doubt design a suitable foundation to take care of the load requirements and soil quality. Any incomplete parts of the exterior are finished now, including siding, exterior paint, driveways and sidewalks. Find out more about why building control is important. If the sewer tank hasn't been installed, it goes in the ground during this stage. Surveyor marks out building on cleared site and transfers the lines to profiles well clear of any construction work; Bring in bricks and blocks and stack clear of future construction; Set up mixer station close to cement store and sand heap; Start Building a House by Laying the Foundations. Lintel beams are usually built flush with the walls, without any protuberances and adds to structural stability of the building. A building work includes internal electrification, In brief, we can divide the process into 6 broad stages of building construction. We want to give an overview of those stages 1.Seek advice from your Architect/Engineering on what type and size of land the can suit your dream house Receive news and offers from our other brands? There is a lot to be done before you even break ground on site, from finding the plot, arranging your finance and securing planning permission. If the budget is tight, some self builders choose to have a bit of a break between completing the house and turning their attention to the landscaping. Arrange for final inspection and prepare to move in. Foundations. She is currently living in Athens, Ga., and looking forward to beginning a graduate degree program in international affairs at the University of Georgia. Dig trenches and begin to build up the blockwork footings. You may have observed that sometimes even for G+1 buildings, piling is being adopted. to bottom. All rights reserved. While earning her degree in counseling and psychology, she discovered that she enjoys various forms of writing. Add exterior cladding, siding and exterior paint. In this method, several pillars are first cast on different corners of the building. Some companies finish the exterior of the house during this stage. There is a lot to be done before you even break ground on site, from finding the plot, arranging your finance and securing planning permission. Between the piling and foundation phase, a layer of PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) is done. Walls finished, roof structure installed and covered with slate or tiles. At the same time, electricians work to install electrical wires and heating and air conditioning. Usually a skim coat on top of plasterboard after completion of first fix. This will reveal to you a panoramic view of building construction, all of which you  need to know! But there may be some benefits to landscaping at the same time as building a house so careful consideration about what you want and who will do the work is key. water. proof chemicals in the form of powder or liquid are mixed in specified Attach wall sheathing to the outside of exterior walls. thick is laid in cement concrete 1:3:6 or 1:4:8 or 1:5:10. Please refresh the page and try again. The Viya team would be happy to help! Next up, you need to start on your foundations. Here is our definitive guide to each stage of the process of building a house. Rainwater goods and external decoration finished. Once these works are completed, woodwork for cupboards, cabinets, designer elements and interiors and any aesthetics can be completed. They also frame the roof and install shingles to keep the interior of the home from being damaged by poor weather conditions. Flooring down, joinery completed and kitchens and bathrooms installed. filling and consolidation up to plinth level and filled earth is flooded with There are multiple ways in which piling is done; Sand Piling, Friction piling, DMC Piling  (Direct Mud Circulation) are the commonly used piling methods. 4. A standard ‘rubble trench’ foundation, is the most popular form of foundation due to usage of stones to minimise concrete and improve drainage properties. 2. that no gap is left between size stone and boulders. Know More: Piling in Building construction. Necessary cutting of the brickwork is also called for at this stage. Inspectors check the outside of the house thoroughly to make sure everything has been done properly. Modern materials such as water/weather Plastering( 12mm thick internal plaster with proportion week, size stone masonry is constructed. A site plan must include your septic and well system if no public water system and sewer exist. Now you’re attention really turns to the interiors. Warranty inspection sometimes required. They are :-. Knowing what’s involved when building a house on site is essential if you are planning on acting as your own project manager or building on a DIY basis. Alternately, on completion of piling, you are set for the foundation stage. Contact your local building control team here. Visit our corporate site. Electrical and plumbing runs put in place, then internal walls and stud walls built. Jelly used for concreting (MORE: Foundation systems and soil types), (MORE: How long will it take to build your own home? All sanitaryware to be fitted and plumbed in. Getting underway with the superstructure is an exciting part of building a house. In case of more floors, this process is repeated. A surveyor can locate your house's corners, and a chalk outline will mark your house's perimeter. They then begin levelling the area, digging trenches, setting up the foundation and laying out tentative plumbing for the house. required thickness be used.No hollow portion should be left below while laying Construction companies in Kerala: A guide, Types of bricks used in building construction in Kerala, All you need to know about electrical wiring in building construction, Plumbing considerations in building construction, Interior design ideas to adorn your house, Assessing the soil strength and determine the necessity of piling. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, or solid) blocks, stones,stabilised blocks etc; Lintel beams are made. of adequate size. Know the stages of your house extension building project. You will receive a verification email shortly. After the curing period, walls of the first floor are raised and the above process is repeated. Laying the foundations. Hope this demystifies the seemingly complex process of house building to a large extent. Amazon Sale: Black Friday Deals You Can Grab Right Now! The house really starts to look more like what you expected as the build advances from the Frame Stage to Lock up. Your builder will also be working on the initial plumbing beneath the slab. Know More: Types of elevation for your house. Let us now look at each of these stages of building construction in detail. The average cost of building a house yourself→. Flooring Work: Tiles, Slabs etc. Install worktops, cabinets and sinks in the kitchen. Install exterior door locks. In case your building does not call for piling, you are then immediately ready to start the foundation.

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