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Explore our Tune-Up app We believe everyone deserves the best quality entertainment possible. I still wondered how loud was the music? This app is not a toy or a game.SPL Meter is the one audio app that everyone who works in audio must have on their phone! While I very much enjoy bluegrass music, the sound was painfully loud. Once downloaded, I found the app easy to use with intuitive controls. The next day I cranked up my stereo at home to the same levels as the night before so I could experience the volume in familiar surroundings. Using iTestMic with SPL Meter, you get a calibrated, accurate SPL Meter, that meets industry standards for Type 2 performance. 8+ Best Speaker Calibration Software Download Acourate. The younger crowd didn't seem to mind the volume, but to a older person like myself, it was very uncomfortable. I have no idea how it compares to professional meters. (iPhone X does not support upside down mode)SPL Meter is a universal app -- buy once, and use on all of your iOS devices.SPL Meter is built by the same team that created the other great professional audio and acoustics apps on the store, Studio Six Digital. External will work with our iPhone Measurement Mic, to be released later this summer. We have also included a digital LCD display, as shown in the image, to make this the best SPL meter available for iPhone or iPad. As it is possible to calibrate the intensity and volume of your sound system,... Sonarworks Reference 3. The screen will flip when you flip the phone over, so that you can point the iPhone mic directly at the sound source. The discomfort was the same! Then Sound Calibration is the app for you. Sound Calibration for Android. I used it to ascertain that my summer apartment in France was plagued by ~96dB (peak) worth of eurotrash disco music last night, during the summer solstice parties-on-the-street. Earlier this week I and some friends went to hear the Yonder Mountain String Band play at the Ryman Auditorium. Just tweak the reciever until all the other channels read 75db as well, and you're golden! Really like this app. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What I mean is, forget for a moment wether the sound coming to your ears is actually 75dbs like the app says. Luckily, someone had an extra pair of ear plugs and I was able to enjoy the rest of the show in comfort. See our website for more information.But don't compare us to a Radio Shack meter, ours is much more accurate! Check out our full line of professional-grade audio and acoustics apps: SPL, the professional digital iPhone sound level meter, SPL Graph, for recording SPL over time, RTA, a 1/3 octave real-time analyzer, FFT, for detailed acoustic analysis, ETC, the energy-time curve function, RT60, for automated octave-band decay time measurement, Speaker Pop, to test speaker polarity, and … Sound calibration calibrates your phone's speaker and microphone and gives you optimal sound output and better sound input through your microphone. SPL Meter is a professional-grade sound level meter, also known as a decibel or dB meter, for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Modeled after a traditional analog SPL meter, we have faithfully reproduced all the characteristics and qualities found in those meters, including the ballistics, ranges, filters, and decay rates.Under the hood we have advanced DSP-based algorithms that meet or exceed ANSI / IEC Type 1 standards. Pretty loud! Dirac Room Calibration. Yikes. *** FEATURES:FILTERS -- A and C weighting filters are provided.DECAY -- Choose ANSI Fast or Slow.RANGES -- 40dB to 120dB in 9 ranges.CALIBRATION -- Comes pre-calibrated for the typical iPhone or iPad built-in and headset mic, but you can adjust the calibration if you have a professional, calibrated meter to compare it to.

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