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If you want to dip your toe in the influencer marketing first, you can start by reaching out to influencers and see if you can work with them on a smaller project on a no paid basis. In a later section of this guide, we’ll talk about measurement to help ensure you achieve your influencer marketing goals. You’ll find that power influencers sometimes publish articles on media sites, but media influencers are more likely to be journalists who write for one or multiple magazines. You can check this in Google Analytics → Acquisition → Overview → Social. When you’re sending an initial outreach email to influencers make it clear that: If the influencer agrees to work with you, the next step is creating an agreement. An often referenced report is the one that states that every $1 spent on influencer marketing yields $7.65 in return. If they are not as influential on social media channels they may have influence through their website which will improve their score. Description of the agreed work to be done, Rules to be followed (e.g. This makes Twitter look good, as well as anyone running campaigns for clients. What differentiates them from their bigger counterpart, the macro influencer, is a smaller reach. Can you remember a time before the word “influencer”? They have a lot of influence over a large audience but they don’t have the celebrity status which makes them more approachable. The other problem was that they didn’t really find influencers. You can search for influencers with a tool like GroupHigh to find bloggers in your niche. You can hire an influencer for one specific task, like creating one blog post or one video related to your product. What has this influencer done with clients in the past? echo get_avatar( get_the_author_meta('user_email'), $size = '50'); ?>. If the influencer gives you read only access to their analytics and they have set up everything you’d expect a professional to have in place, you’ll be able to see the following: You want to see the amount of traffic their recent, relevant posts are getting. For example, if you’re offering affiliate revenue for product sales to the influencer, you can sign up to a program on a site such as Getambassador and they will provide you with unique links. To identify the most valuable influencers for your brand you need to look at the following: When you’re evaluating influencers, I recommend that for each one you assign a score on the 1-100 scale for every assessment category we listed above, and then add all the scores up at the end. They won’t jeopardize that trust over a mismatched sponsored post or irrelevant brand partnership. From a weighting point of view, the topics are broad enough so that each category gets the same weighting as part of the overall formula. Agorapulse have an influencer ambassador program in which a group of people that love their product support the product’s growth in different ways. This allows them to create more interesting content which leads to more engagement for your brand. One way to figure this out is by looking at your social media audience sentiment towards your brand by performing sentiment analysis. You’ll create a campaign tracking link by adding UTM parameters to the link with Google Campaign URL Builder. Whether it’s in the form of research, infographics, surveys, fun facts, etc. You’re probably most familiar with this kind of social media influencer. This will give you a piece of mind that the influencer you’re working with will help create a positive perception of your brand among their social media audience. By organizing an event exclusively for industry influencers with large, relevant followings you’ll give them the opportunity to create and post content that can reach a pretty big audience. Today, with the explosion of Instagram, the definition has become a little more complex. But…how can you tell if they’re considering your product at all? The influence rating system takes this into account.

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