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The gods Volcanon and Mitula again play a hand in matters. Including weapon & spell information, stat … It turns out that she's one of Sir Astral's old pupils and is training to be a fighting machine rather than becoming a priest, because the Evil Red Baron murdered her fiancé. Sarah. How do I get the chest outside Mitula's Sanctuary - the one on the island in the lake around the temple? She's not a strong character so I recommend ditching her any chance you get. • New join order for the characters to have fresh play-through • New, unexpected promotions for the characters • Palette editing The Shining Force: Full List. Chester. He's feeling terribly guilty about something he's done. Just want to know where to find someone? When his master dies Kazin decides to join your group to avenge the Hawel's death. Class Promotion. (non-emulator). Privacy Policy | Full disclaimer/copyright notice, © 1996-2017 Lady Moogie Goddess of all things Shining. Remember, he will *only* join if you saved his life back at Bedoe. He ran into trouble with the Greater Devil Geshp and was almost possessed by another gizmo, just like King Granseal and King Galam were. It leads to a series of bridges linking a number of small islands. I think he's pretty good! When you've beaten Zalbard and spoken with Goddess Mitula, go through the doorway on the right and you should see a statue. I heard a rumour about a weapon called the Engulf Sword... where is it? She's the first archer to join the force so her abilities are useful for a while. Jaha. Characters need to be at least level 20 in order to be promoted. Shining Force 2: Cireza Edition. Master Monk makes her like some kind of kung fu fighter, yet still retain her healing abilities. Sheela is the third Master Monk in the game and can be found near the Monastery/Dojo on Grans. In the ensuing battle, Bowie wrests the Jewel of Darkness from him, but he is unable to rescue Elis, and the ground around the Ancient Tower collapses. You'll find traces of his attempted suicides all over the south of Grans as you go from town to town and you'll eventually find him in Yeel. However if you don't choose him, you can return when you have the Sky Orb to get him and the others you turned down. Since he's the leader you lose if he gets defeated. How can I make him join me? Fan translators have since uncovered (and Shining Force II co-director/programmer Yasuhiro Taguchi has confirmed) that the Devil Kings are in fact Darksol, Lucifer, and Zeon. Shining Force II takes place somewhere in the area of 40-70 years after Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, and is set in the same lands of Parmecia and Grans. The people of Granseal are forced to resettle on the continent of Parmecia. Character Locations Quicklist. What does the 'Game Completed' option in the Configuration cheat do? [6] It is here that the true nature of the threat is revealed, so Bowie and friends must now travel across Parmecia to gather allies, solve the riddle of the Jewels, obtain the Force Sword, and seal away Zeon once more. Shining Series. *Note: If you're using the Gens Genesis emulator to play Shining Force 2, there's a bug that prevents you from equipping Lemon with weapons. You can name him what you like, as Bowie is just his default name. The battle is won if all enemies are defeated, or if the enemy commander is defeated. He can turn out to be a strong centaur, but you SO do not need him. Register Start a Wiki. He'll be knocked unconscious and when you complete battle 26, he'll join out of gratitude for your saving his life. It turns out that a small town on the north-west coast of Parmecia is the only thing blocking the Devil Army from invading the mainland, and Frayja was the one who had to make the choice to lock it's gate, and it's people inside to prevent a massive loss of life. Is there going to be a Shining Force 3 on the Genesis? There are also two different ways of promoting many characters. He becomes somewhat of a weakling later on. All the information you could need to know about each character, on their own individual pages. Each ally unit is represented by a character with a background and personality. "[15], Shining Force II was a bestseller in Japan. Karna is one of the four characters you can choose from at Creed's Mansion, however if you don't choose her, you can return when you have the Sky Orb to get her and the others you turned down. Established May 5th 1996. On one of these there is a cave, go in it and inside of it you'll meet Claude. However if you don't choose him, you can return when you have the Sky Orb to get him and the others you turned down. Damage dealing + spells + a huge movement, you can't go wrong! This game was re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Europe on October 3, 2008 and in North America on October 6, 2008. South of Roft there is a small path along the coast, which can be followed. What level do my characters need to be at to get promoted? I think he's pretty good. This handsome centaur is Eric, one of the four characters you can choose from at Creed's Mansion. This is the place for you.

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