school subjects in english capital letters

When you are talking about the name of a specific class or course, such as Math 241 or Chemistry 100, always capitalize it. Grammar explanation Capitalisation. Why? The subjects are often broken down into courses, which have names such as Introduction to Chemistry, Advanced Calculus, Poetry of William Wordsworth, and Environmental Politics. 3. Essays, reports, presentations, and research papers usually do have titles. School, after all, is where education matters. She is the author of more than 50 books, including English Grammar Workbook For Dummies and Research Papers For Dummies. Bearing those rules in mind, here is an example done for you. All these school subjects are in lowercase (non-capitals). If you are writing for a science class, capitalise only the first word of the title and any proper names. He decided to take two philosophy classes his senior year. He is hoping to take French next year. They are simply traditions. I had already…, A prepositional phrase is a group of words working as…, The English expression "take advantage of" can have several shades…, Have you ever heard the expression "sitting duck" and wondered…, A preposition and its object together form a prepositional phrase.…, Some of my private students of CXC English were given…, First Published: 4th of October, 2020 Words often have several…, Write an debate opposing the following motion: The Contract Signed…, Suspense is a writer's craft used in literary works, especially…, War is a time of misery and death, but the…, Fun With Parts of Speech: Quadruple Usage Words, I've mentioned earlier that we only stamp a word as…, A Day I Will Never Forget: Happy Experience, There was nothing unusual about that Saturday morning, but it…, How you view the world around you and the events…, This article was first published on the 30th of June,…, ← Round Your Mouth: The Trouble with Caribbean English, English Language and Literature by Patrick Carpen, Plan of Investigation – School Based Assessment for CXC, Comprehension: Answer in Complete Sentences, Round Your Mouth: The Trouble with Caribbean English, The “th” Sound – English Versus Caribbean Pronunciation, The “ing” Sound – Common Caribbean Mispronunciations, Descriptive Writing: A Snake Above My Head, Detailed Narration: An Accident I Avoided, Prepostions or Adverbs: Double Value Words, It All Depended On Us To Defend Our Country, The Short Story: Dramatizing the Narration, Dear John – A Book Review by Patrick Carpen, The Apposition Versus the Subordinate Clause, Forming Compound and Complex Sentences: Practice Exercises. You've probably heard people in the "learned…, The "ing" Sound - Common Caribbean Mispronunciations, Young learners of the English Language, especially those of the…, First Published: 5th of September, 2020 Standard English pronunciation can…, Students of literature are often confused when asked to identify…, Prepositions or Adverbs: Double Usage Words, Some words may function as either prepositions or adverbs in…, How to Write on Title: A Day I Will Never Forget, During their high school career, students are often to asked…, The compound-complex sentence is made up of 2 independent clauses…, Essay Writing: Alternative Energy for the Caribbean, Develop the follow points: What are the present most utilized…, The "th" Sound - English Versus Caribbean Pronunciation, The "th" sound in standard American and British English is…, First Published: 31st of August, 2020 I decided to write…, The prepositional phrase is a group of words working as…, A Day I Will Never Forget: Embarrassing Experience, As I mentioned before, when writing a short story on…, When trying to be an English duck, you could bite…, Short Story Writing: The Day I Got Lost When writing…. The ball hit he. The answer is “yes” and “no.” Or should I say “no” and “yes”? Do you need to capitalize the first letter of the name of a school subject? When you are at school, do you study biology or Biology? Do not capitalize the names of other disciplines when using them in a general sense or when referring to courses, except when you are citing the official name of a particular course. Remember these rules and you will have a better chance of achieving high marks. Here's a good…, As you may have learned already, two of the eight…, Or: Concurrently versus Consecutively. The Caribbean Examination Council offers suitable qualifications options to candidates of varying backgrounds.

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