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The production features detailed three-dimensional graphics and a soundtrack with tracks from numerous famous artists. [Crave Entertainment], Ford is without doubt one of the biggest brands in the world, with one of the most famous product ranges ever. [Eidos Interactive], Need for Speed Underground 2 challenges gamers to immerse themselves in the tuner culture, exploring an expansive, free-roaming city divided into five distinct neighborhoods. [Electronic Arts], Crash hits the track in his most fast-paced adventure yet - Crash Nitro Kart! SEGA's port of the arcade title Crazy Taxi came about in 2000 during the... more, Reviewed on: 26 November 2010   Platforms: PlayStation 2, There's no doubt that Makai Kingdom is a good game, maybe even a great one, although undeniably niche in its appeal. Kids can victoriously pilot their way through the collection of outrageous races by becoming their favorite Butt-Ugly hero or an evil alien bent on destruction. Prove you belong in the elite street racing circles, work your way up the underground rankings and take on the best of the best in each discipline. Players can take control of the Monster and Trophy Trucks as they blitz through rough rivers, rip though the swampy Everglades, and blaze through the desert dunes. So stop wasting time, grab a friend, and get this badass diesel-fueled adventure rolling! Call out to teammates for help, talk to your crew chief for real-time info on track conditions, as well as activate in-game menu options. Features 55 beautifully detailed Ford automobiles: Ford GTs, Thunderbirds, concepts, SVT vehicles, Mustangs and trucks. [Codemasters], MotoGP4 continues the series's tradition of realism and speed with an advanced physics engine, authentic rider animations and multiple weather conditions for a truly intense racing experience. The sinister Tornado Corporation has sent a rogues gallery of truck-ramming goons to keep you from succeeding. [Electronic Arts], Features six new United States locations, including Miami, Los Angeles, The Rocky Mountains, New Mexico and a busy international airport; thirty new stages and fourteen all-new vehicles; seven secret vehicles to unlock including police cars, 1950's hotrods and stock cars; point-to-point races; all-new points-based championship gameplay structure; new Custom Series Mode that allows you to race modified vehicles complete with body kits and decals; and an intelligent traffic system, featuring three distinct types of driver behaviors. Among them you can find some memorable couch-locked multiplayer experiences of the decade. Its graphics were simply stunning back then and the open-world aspect that had you racing down different sides of a single mountain was just magnificent. A new incarnation of the popular racing game series launched back in 1987 by Distinctive Software and Accolade. Grudges & Alliances: Emotion comes to a racing game for the first time as CPU drivers remember your every move and aren't afraid to pay you back. And its ridiculous concept is exactly what makes it so good to spend an afternoon going at it with your peeps. Metal Gear Solid 3 is the game developed by Konami computer in 2004. While sleeping near the Grand Canyon, a mosquito-like drone sucks most of the DNA of Ben’s Omnitrix. The title features an innovatory multiplayer mode that, similarly to MMO productions, enables thousands of players to compete at the same time. Right off the starting line, Road Trip matches action with depth, allowing you to customize your ride for over 100 different events. The gameplay, while not too different from previous games, is incredibly polished and fluid as well. Modes include Quick Race, IndyCar Series Season, and The Indy 500. One of the best in recent memory. MotorStorm's next mission is battling the frozen wasteland of Alaska's Arctic Edge. [Black Bean Games], Compete in a full season, create your own customised season, or select a one-off race either on your own or against a friend. A new incarnation of the popular racing game … [Conspiracy], For the first time the player would feel not only that he was driving in a high speed rally vehicle but that he was actually living and breathing the life of a driver, working through intense rally seasons. Conventional wisdom goes something like this. Harley-Davidson: Race to the Rally takes gamers from coast to coast across America exploring classic rides centric to Harley-Davidson and the biker lifestyle such as Big Sur, historic Route 66, and the Badlands. The goal is to beat opponents and impress the audience with fearless maneuvers, in order to advance into other 'episodes' and win better cars. This time, apart from usual races, the player can take part in several racing events, such as drifting competitions or drag races. The game offers 16 fully customizable cars, as well as 8 drivers differing in driving style and attitude towards opponents. [Namco Bandai], D1 Grand Prix recreates the exhilarating art of drifting, including all the cars, tracks, drivers and physics that has made the D1 Grand Prix the pinnacle series in drift racing. MotorStorm Arctic Edge delivers brutal off-road racing in the beautiful yet lethal and unpredictable setting of Alaska. to play in all multi-player modes. They're not quite ready yet. But its gameplay remains engaging to the very end. It is the sequel of MAX PAYNE. [Codemasters], The world's most notorious drivers meet each night on the streets of LA, Paris, and Tokyo. Fun content on everything pop culture. What's more, the crashes and car damage are visually even more impressive than in the original FlatOut, thanks to the improved graphics and an upgraded engine behind the in-game physics. If you want to solve the mystery then go on and try Beyond Good and Evil game. The Arctic setting makes for some great track design and incredible visuals, but there's just something holding the game back from being a true classic. Features more than 125 licensed vehicles from exclusive manufacturers including Lamborghini, Ducati, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Saleen, Shelby, and Jaguar; Upgrade each car or bike with options from the actual manufacturers' catalog. The title was prepared by the Eutechnyx team under the patronage of Namco. In contrast to the previous parts of the game, this title completely abandons the idea of illegal races and transfers the action to professional racing circuits. The game offers over a hundred licensed car models belonging to the world's most famous brands. Not only does it feature a 4-man split-screen shootout mode, but the possibility to go through the entirety of its campaign in Co-Op. Check out these good old games and enjoy playing these on your PlayStation 2. Action. Create your own racing drivers and teams with your own personalized car. [Crave Entertainment], Enter the world of urban street racing and high performance tuner cars with the latest title in the hit Need for Speed series: Need for Speed Underground. [Electronic Arts], (Known as "Ford Street Racing" in the UK/EU) Ford Bold Moves Street Racing delivers players a chance to race 18 officially licensed high performance Ford vehicles from the classic 1968 Mustang GT to the new scorching hot 2007 Shelby GT500. If you had an account with the old site, don't worry - it will be transferred over. Ford Racing: Off Road. Come up with some rules to turn this into a drinking game. Offering more than 30 levels of both indoor and outdoor action, Jamie herself even gets into the action. But nothing is going to stand between you and the checkered flag. HARRY POTTER and the Order of Phoenix is a game which is based on the fifth version of HARRY POTTER movie series. In Sonic Riders, Dr. Eggman challenges Sonic and his friends to a Worldwide Grand Prix, and the prize for coming out on top is an ultra-rare Chaos Emerald! Go bar to bar against the top champions in the world through the season long Supercross and Outdoor National series in an extensive career mode. Go plug your dusty PS2 into your miraculously functional CRT TV and join me as we go through the most amazing multiplayer games on the console. I know that there are already ps3 and ps4 making great change and it is late to post Best PS2 Games. [Mud Duck], This is the only game that lets you race virtually every Corvette made in street and track settings. It is easy to pick up and play and offers a dynamic difficulty management system to keep the action packed, 200mph maneuvers coming thick and fast. In total, there are over 90 licensed cars and motorcycles to choose from. So you are at the last of the Best PS2 Games, and I hope you have found some games that you really like. And it's totally merciless, which means anything goes. The game follows the story of jade an investigative reporter and martial art specialist.

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