palani to kodaikanal

Palani Kodaikanal Road Trains: As listed in above table there are total 2 direct trains between PALANI (PLNI) and KODAIKANAL ROAD (KQN). 1,419 posts. 5. at PALANI is 16:45. 56623 Palani - Madurai Passenger (unreserved) operates on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. The mile-based road distance is 40.4 miles between these two travel points. i want the bus timings from palani to kodaikanal. 7 years ago. and service from morning 6:00am - 4:30am Govt Buses.. 118 reviews. The distance between Kodaikanal and Palani is 64 KM and 977 meters for driving or flying. Save . Palani To Kodaikanal Difference in Time. Tiruchendur Passenger (Via Palani) (UnReserved) (56769) which travels a distance of 80 kms in 1 hrs 47 mints. It covers total distance of 80 kilometer in 01h 47m. Answer 1 of 10: Any bus service available from palani to kodaikanal? Hi Vinoth123 . Bus Timings Palani - Kodaikanal. sichot. Level Contributor . The most punctual train from Palani to Kodaikanal Road is Palani Madurai Passenger (UnReserved) (56623) which reaches Kodaikanal Road with an average delay of just 0 minute. From Palani, the train takes 1hr 45min hours to reach Kodaikanal. The fastest train to Kodaikanal from Palani is 56623 Palani - Madurai Passenger (unreserved). Re: Palani to Kodaikanal road condition . Answer 1 of 9: I Planned to go from palani to kodaikanal by alto car, whether road condition is good & road is suitable for alto car. Hi Savinka. Its arrival time at KODAIKANAL ROAD is 09:17. Kodaikanal, India. Departure time of 56769 PGT-TCN PASSR at PALANI is 07:30. what will be the best option to travel.. by bus or will there be uber or ola service available at that time.. what about drop taxis.. pse advice.. can i do online booking for bus.. what will be approx travelling time to kodaikanal.. Kochi - Palani and Connecting KPN Bus to Kodaikanal. pls give more details about it. 182 helpful votes. I will be arriving by 0330 at palani for a 03 day tour of kodaikanal. … Report inappropriate content . Since if you plan your trip from Kochi - Kodaikanal overnight, KPN is the Best the Options. The difference in sunrise time or the actual difference in time between Kodaikanal and Palani is 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 7 seconds. From Palani to Kodaikanal Bus frequent is Very low. when is the first bus from palani to kodaikanal in hte morning. The train starts at 16:45:00 from Palani PLNI and reaches Kodaikanal KQN at 18:30:00. Departure time of 56709 PLNI-MDU PASS. The slowest train from Palani to Kodaikanal Road is Palakkad Jn.

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