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Keywords: Take one drop of Oregano oil in a veggie cap or 4 fl. There are many oregano plant species available, only some of which are used to make essential oils. Apply topically: Mix 3-4 drops of oregano essential oil with 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil such us neem oil (a powerful oil with healing properties to fight the herpes virus) or coconut oil, a natural anti-viral. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This review discusses the antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of oregano essential oil (OEO) and its potential as a food additive. If you see the word 'fragrance' it almost always means there are other additives. *, When used orally, helps reduce gas and occasional indigestion.*. We have put together a printable reference guide for you so you can get to know Oregano, includes oil details, uses & benefits as well as recipes you can use it in for your health and wellness. 2020 Oct 14;25(20):4711. doi: 10.3390/molecules25204711. 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Therapeutic-grade oregano oil contains carvacrol which has anti-inflammatory properties, and rosmarinic acid, a natural antihistamine that can help reduce swelling and is effective in treating allergic reactions. Swish about 10ml or 2 teaspoons of the mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds or so and spit out. Oregano essential oil is a hot oil and can cause irritation of the skin and mucus membranes so it is best to mix it with a carrier oil. The antibacterial properties of the oil will help to ward off bacteria and the anti-inflammatory properties will help to soothe an aching throat. You can also grow oregano in your garden to help keep pests away, and this makes it a welcome add on to your vegetable or herb garden! If you find yourself getting sick year after year during cold and flu season, oregano oil can help boost your immunity. Copyright © 2020 Young Living Essential Oils. Get the latest research from NIH: https://www.nih.gov/coronavirus. These products are only available to purchase by Young Living members. Oregano (Lippia graveolens) essential oil added within pectin edible coatings prevents fungal decay and increases the antioxidant capacity of treated tomatoes. Oregano oil contains an abundance of antioxidants that defend the body against free radicals and other damaging agents that speed up aging. With responsible and sustainable sourcing, our mission is to improve the lives of your whole family and families around the globe with every doTERRA purchase. Diffuse Oregano at home to create a comforting environment. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, face, and sensitive areas. Pet bath: To control fleas and prevent parasite infestation and growth combine 1 full teaspoon of oregano oil with 1 gallon (16 cups) of water and use it as a final rinse after bathing your pet. Next Post. COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. BIO: Owner and founder of Loving Essential Oils. Oregano oil is a safe, natural remedy to treat and control skin, fungal and parasitic infections in pets such as dogs and cats. 4. Dilute Oregano with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply it to the skin.  |  Take sublingually: Add 2-3 drops of oregano oil to 2-3 drops of an edible carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil and take it sublingually (under your tongue). 3. When buying essential oils make sure the bottle says 100% pure essential oil, and has the proper name of the species mentioned on the label of the bottle. Therapeutic grade oregano essential oil contains powerful antioxidant properties, and is an excellent oil to have in your medicine cabinet if you want to slow down the aging process. Oregano oil can help heal cold sores by reducing swelling and killing the virus inside the red, painful blisters. Oregano is a perennial plant that belongs to the Labiatae botanical family, which also includes many other culinary herbs like rosemary, mint, basil, sage, thyme and lavender. It has a high phenol content and should never be used on the skin undiluted. Provide the purest, highest quality essential oils and products. Add to shampoo: Add 5-6 drops of therapeutic-grade oregano essential oil to around 1 tablespoon of shampoo and massage into the scalp. Additionally, Oregano oil should be diluted with a carrie… Shake and spray! Repeat 2-3 times a day. 2. It can also be used for achy joints and other discomforts. Looking for the perfect gift? You will now be directed to the enrollment form. Use this ratio whenever you swallow oregano in oil form. Due to its high phenol content, caution should be taken when inhaling or diffusing Oregano essential oil; only one to two drops is needed. Prescription drugs administered to arthritis patients usually include NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) which are typically pain relievers. The hot steam helps to loosen mucus in the airways helping the cough to be more productive. It also helps protect against toxins and promotes healing. 2020 May 16;8(6):2555-2568. doi: 10.1002/fsn3.1437.

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