monument valley game

To complement the visuals, Monument Valley also presents eargasmic music that you want to listen to for days. The music feels so relaxing, you’d want to close your eyes and savor every note. Monument Valley was developed over ten months beginning in early 2013 based on concept drawings by company artist Ken Wong. Room escape game full of mystery puzzles! [32], The game was named as a finalist for Innovation Award, Best Visual Art, and Best Handhold/Mobile Game for the 2015 Game Developers Choice Awards, and was an honorable mention for Best Design. [13], An add-on expansion, entitled Forgotten Shores, was released for iOS devices on November 12, 2014, on the Appstore on November 20, 2014 and on Google Play Store on November 24, 2014. You are a Princess but you don’t know exactly how you received your gift. It was developed under the working title, Tower of Illusion. [6] The magazine compared the game to "assembling flat-pack furniture": straightforward in its process, but rewarding in its transformation. [38], The game was a "minor plot point" in the third season of House of Cards, in which Frank Underwood plays the game; he is inspired by video gamer reviewer Thomas Yates's elegant description of Monument Valley to bring the reviewer on as his biographer. [28][29] Despite the piracy, Ustwo stated they have exceeded $6 million in revenue from sales of the game as of mid-January 2015, exceeding the $1.4 million in development costs. Spirit Award for the 18th Annual D.I.C.E. [7] The game's technical director said that the game was "not very difficult to port" since it was written in the Unity game engine. Only fools would say this game looks bad. Now, you must act alone and solve different cases where the sky is the limit and the underground is a bottomless pit. Yes, the game was created for mobile but if you’re planning to install a clunky emulator, let me stop you right there. Osborne stated "I’m privileged to be handed the reins to Ida’s mysterious kingdom, to play in her world of impossible architecture where seeing things differently is everything". In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world. [21], Multiple reviewers cited the art[19][20][21][22] and sound design as exceptional. [22], Monument Valley sold 500,000 copies in a month, and one million copies in three months. [1], Monument Valley was developed by Ustwo, a digital design firm founded in 2004 that has produced iPhone apps since 2007. [12] More levels were in development, as of April 2014. It includes filters similar to those of Instagram. One day, you wake up from a deep sleep and see the world change. [36] Time magazine placed the game on their best of list[37] while being Game Informer's "Editor's Choice" for "Best Mobile Exclusive". [48], In August 2018, Paramount Animation and Weed Road, in partnership with Ustwo, announced plans to develop a live action/CGI hybrid film based on Monument Valley, with Patrick Osborne slated to direct. Played like optical illusions, Monument Valley will tingle your brain with its mind-boggling level designs. Ustwo said they were adding the levels for "artistic reasons", such as ideas they wanted to try but could not fit into the original release. [14] An expansion pack titled Ida's (RED) Dream was available for purchase for a limited time as part of Apple's Apps for Red initiative. [7] The game was designed to be completed by most players, a style uncommon for games designed for popular audiences. The game uses colors to signify where the player can interact, similar to Mirror's Edge. Only a few games can deliver original puzzle games and this is one of them. [41] Ustwo saw the opportunity to introduce the title to a different audience set, and have already seen an increase in sales as a result of this appearance.

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