lychee tree leaves turning brown

More reading, and I learn Lesson #3: Lychees are sensitive to salt buildup. It is not a disease but rather is caused by a tiny mite (Erinose mite) about 1/200 of an inch long. Lychee New Leaves Turning Brown. Gleosporium sp. New leaves are coming and it seem to be having it great except for the leaves turning brown. Spots and speckles on... Are the lychee leaves turning brown only at their tips? The fungus usually manifests itself from early to late summer. You may not have watered adequately during the hot dry season, which was extreme in your location this past summer. The plant shows a lot new grows. Lychee trees are mostly resistant to fungal diseases. Lychee mite The rust like appearance on the leaves of the lychee tree is a very common occurrence. However, most of them are usually caused by excessively warm, wet, and humid conditions. Before the new flushes came out (two weeks ago), I used D-y-n-a-- Foliage (9-3-6) fertilizer. However, the tips of many new leaves are turning brown. It grows under a growing light at room temperature. Leaf blight eventually causes the leaves to drop from the tree. Before assuming that your lychee tree has a disease, consider what weather extremes it has been exposed to. I mixed 1 tsb per gallon of water. The afflicted leaves look like they are scorched from the sun. Temperature below (0 C) causes the Lychee foliage to go yellow, brown, or even drop. Fruit set can also be delayed or damaged by excessively cold periods. When temperatures drop below 32 F. (0 C.), lychee tree foliage may turn yellow or brown, and wilt or drop. The foliage has been described as curled, distorted and galled, with a velvety brown to brownish-red appearance on the underside. Physiological stress like this can affect fruit development. Too much fert and the leaves just go brown, starting at the edges. Too cold temperatures can also cause Lychee leaves to distort. fungus causes leaf blight in lychee trees. All leaves turning brown and shedding in the summer indicates possible severe water deficit/drought stress. Reasons for Lychee Leaves Turning Brown First, are they brown or yellow spots or speckles, or an overall discoloration of the leaves? I bought a Sweetheart lychee from Top---Tropical about one month ago. He also said that of all the subtropicals and tropical trees they grow (and it's Pine Island Nursery, they grow a lot), the lychee is the one plant unusually sensitive to overfertilization; Lesson #2. The leaf blight appears as tan spots on the leaves. Ever since its first leaves, the tips of the leaves are turning slowly brown and crispy.

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