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If your source material uses imperial units, always include the metric equivalent in brackets. I was sitting on the train when the phone rang. Trinity Lane Dashes Use shorter en-dashes (–) for dates such as 1995–96 and longer em-dashes (—) to represent a pause in text. There is no comma between the College and date. Commonly used measurements include: cm, mm, km, g, l (litre), MB, GB, kHz, MHz, KB. And we read at the British Council´s website that: ´´We use capital letters when we talk about languages as school subjects – but other subjects don’t have a capital letter´´ She’s got exams in … They are now related or linked. Many students choose to study with us rather than at the many other universities around the country. (not 'Teachers from State Schools Learn how Cambridge Really Works'). The other fellows are extremely jealous of his remarkable hair. May Week, which takes place in June, is also capitalised. There are only three instances when you need capital letters: proper names, titles, and the beginning of sentences. Use single spaces after a full stop, not double spaces. Capitalise only when part of a full name. Don't capitalise halls of residence unless using the title of a hall. University of Cambridge We use double quotation marks for speech (direct quotes). For example, if I say " His reading skills" should it be a capital R? Headings, headlines and subheadings take an initial capital only (ie they are in sentence case). Data should also be treated as singular. If working with a word-based description, then use from and to: Children aged 12–16 is also fine, but don’t mix use of the en dash with ‘to’ in the same sentence (avoid: Children aged from 12–16). ethnic minority group/community or minority ethnic group/community, not ethnic group/community. Resist this. Spell out abbreviations/acronyms in full when they are first mentioned in text, for instance: Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). Lisa is upset. The girl who gave me the apple had fair hair. 20th century not twentieth century (use 19th-century only for adjectives: Late 19th-century architecture saw an increase in heavy detailing. Trinity Lane Nottingham, NG7 2RD, telephone: +44 (0) 115 951 5151 Lisa is upset; Gus is having a nervous breakdown. Still have questions? When an adverb is used to qualify an adjective, if the adverb is not readily identifiable as an adverb, it should be hyphenated. “However, the government is now taking action to halt illegal activities in this precious habitat...”. Also consider adding a glossary to longer documents, especially for non-technical readers. Alumni is the masculine plural noun and should be used when referring to a collection of male and female alumni. The Department of American and Canadian Studies offers many opportunities for travel. 7 Answers. Office of External Affairs & Communications preference, my friend whatever makes you feel less ocd. Always capitalise the "T", the "U" and the "N". Internal numbers as (3)12345. Otherwise leave it lowercase in nearly all cases. No comma between a name and honorarium eg Dame Jane Goodall DBE. John Scrub is the Fellow of Alliterative Chronology. When an age range is being described, use hyphens as follows: Time is expressed following a 12-hour clock, using a full stop between the numbers and without full stops in am and pm: 12.45pm. If it is a sub-heading or not the title of the document, only capitalise the first word, any proper nouns and the first word following a full stop/question mark/exclamation mark. The University uses capital letter U, when referring to the University of Cambridge. Degree titles take the following form: BSc, MLitt, PhD. 30 bridges were constructed and 150 villages benefited. Specific words Chancellor. I was sat on the train when the phone rang. Include the GBP equivalent of non-GBP currency amounts. We use 'log in' to describe the action of a user entering their username and password on a University website (we do not refer to this as 'logging on'). Degree titles use initial capitals, eg BA Honours in History. The Old Schools For instance, in the phrase 'deep blue sea', 'deep' could be an adverb to indicate that the colour of the sea was both blue and of considerable depth. We use the 12-hour clock to express time. Why some mainstream schools treat a student with learning disabilities compare to other students ? Only capitalise department, division, faculty or school when it is used as part of the title of that unit, not when referring to it without using its full name. To facilitate a good writing style, the word 'Cambridge' may well be a suitable substitute when faced with inconsistency. Ensure one line space between paragraphs and do not indent the first line of a paragraph. They have equal weight and may be unconnected. Significant words in titles of books, magazines and newspapers take initial capitals (aka title case), and the titles of periodicals should be in italics. “…the rainforest was threatened by logging companies. Here is an example: New technique for cell extraction discovered. When a sentence starts with a number, it should be spelt out: Spell out million, billion wherever possible: one million, preceded by a space. When referring to the University alongside the University of Oxford the names should be written in full: the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Restrictive example: Houses that are old need a lot of maintenance. If you intend a file to be downloadable, use lowercase letters, and substitute spaces with dashes: chart-showing-migration-of-birds.pdf. Do not use full stops in abbreviations: eg, am, pm, op, no, cf, ie, ed, etc or after Mr, Mrs, Prof or Dr. Gus is having a nervous breakdown. When working with lists of points that are not full sentences: Use lower case as much as possible. Always capitalise course and module titles, but do not capitalise subject areas or topics not used as part of a course or module title. Be alert to the different between percent and percentage points when discussing increases and decreases: if the higher tax rate increased from 40% to 48%, it would have increased by 20% (eight is 20% of 40) but by eight percentage points. Use sentence case in headlines: Teachers from state schools learn how Cambridge really works Who is used for the subject of a sentence and whom for the object of a sentence: Who refers to people; that and which refer to groups or things. When alphabetical lists of names are being given, follow a strict alphabetical order: Companies, countries and institutions should all be singular (AstraZeneca believes that…Cambridge United is having a good season…). If it is like "English 101" then you have to capitalize it. Use open punctuation in addresses: Avoid starting a sentence with a number, but if you must, then write as prose: Sixty-four students graduated, of whom 31 were from outside of the UK. Dates are expressed as date/month/year, eg 1 July 2017, or Monday, 1 July 2017 (note the comma following the day of the week). Ensure that images used on the website are credited (and follow any conditions of use). Basically, just checking a document I have written about a child. Avoid underlining email addresses or URLs. Always capitalise when referring to the Chancellor of the University. For internal audiences use: Telephone: 39397. I think it should but just not completely sure. What do you think of the answers? Now separate them by a semi-colon. fax: +44 (0) 115 846 6787 This is in contrast when using someone’s job title: Head of Department, Professor Gerard Evan. (The scientists believed that there was a real need 'to get out of the office and into the field'.) Do not use a capital letter unless it is absolutely required. Non-restrictive example: Houses, which have to withstand the weather, need a lot of maintenance. Where the words alumnus, alumna, alumni or alumnae appear, they should be lower case. "My Awesome Photo," © 2009 Greg Grossmeier, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. We hyphenate compound adjectives when they appear before a noun (even when the noun itself is omitted for brevity eg A-level). In text use a capital first letter if the noun is specific: the Faculty of Education, but use lower case letters in general use. (Alternative construction: In January 2013, 31 of the 64 students that graduated were from outside of the UK.). Use two digits when representing a span of years within the same century: 2009–10, and four digits: 1892–1925 when spanning more than one century. We are welcoming the team from St. John's High School.

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