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Luigi greatly benefits from Melee's new mechanics most notably wavedashing. There are a total of 2 hits very similar to smash 64 with one right at the beginning and one when Luigi raises his hands. A wide variety of his moves have also seen improvements to their speed and some moves such as down smash and neutral aerial have gained combo potential. His forward smash has extremely high knockback scaling (135; the highest in the game), making it a powerful KO move (if a risky one due to its high ending lag). Luigi is such an easy target that if bullying was an MMO, the starting zone would just be players farming him for swirlies until they could afford their first puka shell necklace. Characters like Mewtwo and bowser are trash, but at least if you lose to them they play the part of an actual threat with their stern brows and angry grunts. His position, then, offers a tempting choice for those wishing to differentiate from spacie player #63351 while not being completely dogshit useless in a match. His forward aerial has quick startup and high knockback (at the Sakurai angle; 45° against aerial opponents), making it a useful attack for both KOing and edgeguarding. His recovery is also worse. The player will then have to battle a team of Luigi and Peach. Ground and air mobility are both somewhat slow. This option greatly enhances Luigi's recovery, but it is still very situational as the opponent can simply avoid, absorb, or deflect the projectile, which may sometimes result in a gimped recovery in the lattermost case. Your email address will not be published. Luigi dances, and a large, greenish-tint void surrounds him. All of Luigi's moves are combo starters. Things like misfire and sweetspot Up-B allow players to experience firsthand Luigi’s propensity to fuck things up, while moves like his dash attack and taunt help illustrate his fragile and childlike emotional state. You are currently viewing our boards as a visitor. Swipes his hand above his head with his fist. While being forced off of mid-tiers by countless ass-beatings is part of the culture, there are always those that push through, standing by their awful decisions no matter what the cost. Performs his dash attack animation to both sides and then catches his breath. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. His back aerial has good range and works well for setting up edgeguards, while his up aerial is useful for hitting opponents above him and has low knockback which allows it to combo effectively into more aerials (such as a down or neutral aerial) on floaty opponents, and also works as a somewhat situational edgeguarding tool. This combo is creative and flashy. You must log in or register to reply here. In Super Smash Brothers Melee, the Luigi cyclone is the primary vertical recovery as long as someone has very quick tap speed. While it has slightly slower startup than his forward air, it launches at the same angle yet has less ending and landing lag. Luigi's jumps are also much higher than Mario's. Luigi is the only unlockable character to have his own cinematic, which plays when the player meets the criterion in Adventure Mode. So uhI may have decided to take a combo showed off by @SSBUCombos the extra mile.As explained from their clip, up throw is unexpected, and could possibly make people miss the tech, thus allowing this combo. Doesn't offer the same juggling properties from the ground as Mario's; however, it is often used against opponents above Luigi on platforms, or as a vertical launcher to set up an aerial finisher like his forward aerial. to lose to, but the way Luigi breaks the framework makes it hurt in his own special way. Luigi can combine his excellent wavedash with a variety of powerful smash attacks to produce some of the best wavesmashes in the game. JavaScript is disabled. And for how good it feels on one end, it feels equally as bad to be on the other. Both his down throw and up throw function as combo starters, leading into juggles with moves like up tilt, neutral air, and down smash; fast fallers such as Fox and Falco are generally more susceptible to up throw, while down throw is more suitable for floaty characters like Marth.

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