junco bird nest

They will also nest in low shrubs or on conifer branches. The interior is lined with soft materials such as moss or grass. Around people, juncos may nest in or underneath buildings. Nest site is almost always on ground, well hidden under overhanging grass, under log, rock, or exposed roots, or in shallow hole in dirt bank. The female chooses the nest site, typically in a depression or niche on sloping ground, rock face, or amid the tangled roots of an upturned tree. Nesting Sites: Juncos build their nests relatively low in short trees or sheltered by fallen trees or rock piles. The bill is pinkish and the eyes are dark.This bird varies geographically. A yard without those features can still be attractive to nesting juncos if proper nesting materials are offered, such as pine needles, moss, fine twigs, and animal fur. These birds will eat millet, sunflower chips, cracked corn, and Bark Butter® Bits. Dark-eyed Junco nest (Junco hyemalis) with eggs in a ground level nest in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis) Eggs (Purchase) Dark-eyed Junco Nest and Eggs. Occasionally, juncos nest above the ground on horizontal branches (rarely as high as 45 feet), window ledges, and in hanging flower pots or light fixtures. The eastern \"Slate-colored\"race is uniform dark gray or brownish gray depending on whether it is male or female.The western \"Oregon\" race has black (male) or gray (female)hood and brown back.The western \"Pink-sided\" race has a gray head and pinkish sides.The \"Gray-headed\" race of the southern Rockies and Sout… Where Do They Nest? Dark-eyed Juncos nests are rarely higher than 8 feet up. Nesting Habits of the Dark-Eyed Junco In forested areas, the Dark-Eyed Juncos build a cup-shaped nest constructed of leaves, moss and small roots. Inside the nest, the female will lay 3-5 bluish white, speckled eggs. What Do They Look Like? They will nest on the ground or in bushes, and will not use a nest box. They nest in open woodland and forest edge. The nest is on the ground among tree roots or partly hidden by brushwood, stump or rock. This photo was sent to me by Shawn and Kelly Benshoof. Sometimes up in shrub, … These birds are about 5 to 6 1/2 inches long.

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