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The Quick-cut Greens Harvester is a labor saver. 3.8 out of 5 stars 39. Greensadi 4-Pack Trimming Scissors with Precision Tip Stainless Steel Blades Comes with Brush - 4 Straight Blade Pruning Shears/Herb Scissors for General and Hydroponic Gardening 4.8 out of 5 stars 34. The per­fect end­ing to your Caterpillar Tunnel. Multiple Harvests Ideal for Cut-and-Come-Again crops at any size. deep. wide, and 4 in. $24.99 #29. CULTIVATOR AND ROTARY TILLER; PLANTER AND FERTILIZATION; GRAIN HARVESTER; PROCESSING MACHINERY; TRANSPORTATION; OTHERS; show more. The Kimseed 1.3m ATV Brush Harvester allows for effective harvesting of grass seeds on a smaller scale or in less accessible areas. months[12]="December"; $14.99 #28. 95. Box 1029 Lakeville, MN 55044 Only 3 left in stock. We sell a large range petrol cultivators for domestic and commercial use.   •   Products . 2020-07-02; pannonbrweb; Egyéb; We introduced earlier our high-performance harvester (Grass Grabber GG-7540) which is suitable for harvesting clean, big plots, and this machine makes selective harvesting possible. The swift rolling action of the macramé brush gen­tly pulls indi­vid­ual leaves into the blades and then toss­es them to the back of the basket. I high­ly rec­om­mend it. Kimseed Vacuum Harvester 99. The user friendly 'Trangie brush harvester' has an adjustable brush speed and harvest height as well as a seed bin that can be automatically emptied. Hordozható aratógép (Handheld Brush Harvester) 2020-07-02; pannonbrweb; Egyéb; Korábban bemutattuk projektünk nagyteljesítményű aratógépét (Grass Grabber GG-7540), mely tiszta állományú, nagy parcellák aratására alkalmas, jelen eszköz pedig szelektívebb aratást tesz lehetővé. The razor sharp rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing blade helps give a clean­er cut than har­vest­ing by hand with a knife or scis­sors. months[6]="June"; Revolutionizing flame weed­ing on small farms. When har­vest­ing with the Quick Cut Greens Harvester, the neat, clean sur­face left behind is per­fect for those plan­ning on a sec­ond har­vest from the same bed. As for its size, it is smaller and can be mounted in two along its axis so it can be transported by car, too. var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; P.O. var time=new Date(); it takes when harvesting by hand. long teeth at one end, with a recessed opening above it to allow the seed stalks to clear the box. It has a plastic handle on top. Brush harvesters need not be large and a small hand-held brush harvester has been designed and build in Queensland by Grass Seeds Australia, Darling Downs (Picture 4). The Arbuckles began with a harvester scarcely larger than a medium-size bucket on a front-end loader, then went wider and added what is best described as a … Get it Saturday, Nov 14 - Tuesday, Nov 17. The harvester is small enough to store in a vehicle and carry to remote areas. Brochure . The Quick-cut Greens Harvester is rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing baby greens pro­duc­tion on hun­dreds of farms around the globe; and it’s easy to see why. Contact | Terms, Small-Scale Growers Like His Hand-Held Seed Harvester CROPS Miscellaneous When John Morgan made his first hand- held seed harvester in 1991 for his prairie grass seed business he had no idea the design would catch on with a variety of other growers decades later By the time the article about his invention appeared in FARM SHOW 20 years ago Vol 22 Issue 5 he had started making them for other entrepreneurs interested in gathering grass and wildflower seed on small plots or in remote areas “Now there’s a lot of interest from people growing wheat soybeans and heritage or organic grains It’s something I never really expected; it’s gratifying to see ” Morgan says The harvester has some minor changes but is the same basic stripper design It’s powered by a Tanaka heavy-duty commercial line trimmer engineered to operate parallel to the ground It spins an 18-in reel with a brush with fingers at a high speed to grab seeds and throw them into a hopper bag The harvester comes with three interchangeable reel sizes - light medium and heavy-duty - to accommodate different types of seed “For example black-eyed Susan and Echinacea have heavy round seed heads The heavy-duty reel cuts them off and throws everything into the hopper to be screened later ” Morgan says The medium reel works well for heritage grains and other seeds “We are a native prairie restoration company and this gives us a tool to be efficient at collecting seed on a small scale ” he adds He notes that the hand-held seed harvester can collect black-eyed Susan seeds from a 20 by 4-ft nursery plot in 10 min compared to the 8 hrs it takes when harvesting by hand The harvester is small enough to store in a vehicle and carry to remote areas The harvesters are made with steel and heavy-duty nylon for the screen and hopper bag They sell for $2 250 U S $2 495 Canadian plus shipping and come with a 1-year warranty Morgan also sells other products through his Prairie Habitats business website where a video shows the harvester in action Contact: FARM SHOW Followup Prairie Habitats Inc P O Box 10 Argyle Man Canada R0C 0B0 ph 204 467-9371; www prairiehabitats com; john01@xplornet com, To read the rest of this story, download this issue below or click.

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