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Released in 2002, Evolver is the first instrument to come from Dave Smith Instruments. Connect that to your iPad instead of your Mac via USB. Evolver; Reviews + Dave Smith Instruments Evolver. Don't rush, and you'll find one for less than $400. ... but to be honest I always found the DSI multitimbral implementation to me a bit clunky and not that fun to use. I own virtually all the bits of kit you mention, right down to the iConnectMIDI2. (too noisy) I think i'm going to sell my volca keys and look out for a desktop evolver. Thus, Oscillators 1 and 3 pass through the left filter, 2 and 4 through the right filter. mmag.ru: Dave Smith Instruments Evolver video review - YouTube Lastly, if I have enough money left for an effects unit, what would you recommend? I don't think there's anything you can do with the Blo that you can't do with Nave. They're both $20 USD. You guys are getting me more interested in the Evolver. I record hardware synths into the iPad, and it doesn't feel like I'm using a computer. The Mopho and Evolver have the same DCO, and same curtis 2/4-pole resonant low pass filter. It's the only one out of those that I really miss, which is amazing because I absolutely hated the control layout. (1) Waldorf Blofeld - I've seen them used for about $375-400 USD. The Mopho has a sub. I would get the evolver and the editor for iPad. The rocket is a really wild analog mono. (The Dave Smith Instruments Evolver has a total of 31 reviews). I'm a total newb when it comes to music production on an iPad. Having owned (and sold) almost every one of the synths you're looking at, i'd probably have to recommend the Evolver. Hey there! I'm not as slutty as most of you on here due to my tight budget constraint. DSI Evolver vs. Ensoniq Fizmo. Choice of quality, robust, one default, barring buttons easily monitor during transport. Start with the AUFX bundle and then wait for the Black Monday app sales in Nov. Volca Keys is fun, but you'll wish you had saved the money for one of the others. I need to be able to find it used for under $200, so unfortunately the KP3+ is not an option and neither is an Eventide H9. after Solaris' analog patch collection. I agree. Out of those only Blofeld is polyphonic (well, Keys is kind-of polyphonic), so if you are after strings and pads it's your only choice. It's about value. If you have a hub, you MIGHT be able to use iConnectMIDI2+ at the same time. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Evolver features dual analogue low-pass filters that are hardwired to the left and right signal paths. Evolver is a very flexible instrument. However, I feel the interface is limited. VSE Review Contributor Posts: 1547 Joined: Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:10 am. (1) Waldorf Blofeld - (...) I love the sounds. The Dave Smith Instruments Evolver has an average rating of:4.5 out of 5. The PEK's voice structure is unchanged from that of the other Evolvers, so for more details, head for those older SOS reviews. As far as using my iPad for effects, can't I do that with the iConnectMIDI2+? i recently bought one impulsively. Here are some hints: 1) How do I save a Program? Based on your list I would go for the blofeld, esp. You mentioned that you have "a 2-in/2-out audio interface." Thanks. With Nave and one of the DSI synths, you would have a powerful Waldorf synth with polyphony AND a solid analogue. That's not bad at all. About the speculation that their flagship synth is being discontinued, if true, I am not sure how to take it. However, I won't be able to afford an effects unit if I get the Evolver. I have an iPad connected to an iMac via iConnectMIDI2+. I've always wondered how difficult it would be for DSI to design and sell voice upgrade kits for the PEK in groups of +4 instead of us having to buy an external rack unit. I've been seriously thinking about getting Nave, but can't decide between that and the WaveGenerator. In 2005 Dave Smith Instruments released their third Evolver - The Poly Evolver. In the last month on Ebay, there has been two Evolver's sell for $330, and one for $360. I love the sounds - very much my style of sounds when it emulates analog. However, if you're using the iPad a lot, Patch Morpher on the app store can give you a lot of fun with both these synths. Their flagship instrument, it's a four-voice synthesizer (essentially four complete Evolvers) with a 5-octave keyboard, pitch and mod wheels, and a ton of knobs and switches in a clean, clear, easy-to-navigate layout. Since you're already considering the Blofeld and are using an iPad, just buy Nave if you don't have it already. Already had the volca bass and was quite impressed with it in terms of value for money, but I feel the keys is much more limited and less usable. I know I'm kidding myself -- the iPad is a real computer -- but it's not like the one I'm typing on all day. But the Evolver has two DCO's, with stereo spread, stereo filters, and two additional digital oscillators. With your USB audio interface you can use the iPad for effects. Anyone like to use theirs like for processing other gear? I think the Blofeld is the more flexible synth although you're obviously limited by number of knobs (but same for the desktop Mopho). I don't have one, so I'm a little fuzzy on that. The Evolver is without question, the best value at this price point. The Dave Smith Instruments Evolver has an average rating of:4.5 out of 5. The cheapest one I've seen online at the moment is $400. If you don't already have one, the Camera Connection Kit (CCK) from Apple will let you connect lots of USB devices to your iPad. While this provides a wide range of operational possibilities, it also means that you can put Evolver into a state where it doesn’t seem to work.

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