destroy the followers of ares shrine and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. "Opposite to Pharnacea [on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia] [is the island] Chalceritis (of the Bronze), called by the Greeks the Isle of Ares and sacred to Mars [Ares] the god of war; they say that on it there were birds which used to attack strangers with blows of their wings.". Stick to the right and talk to Agrio to let the body down (Choose Ares, Tartarus is worse, Hades won´t show mercy, Apollo, Apollo). At the poison bulbs, go right and encounter Phaedon again. Basically we will need another playthrough but this time we solely concentrate on Ares and Hermes dialogue choices and maxing out their skills. Also combine that with an A attack after the impale kill. Also, buy a god power and investigate the Alkmene shrine in your cabin (I recommend the thunder spear since you need thrown spear kills anyway). Check the gallows on your path up and head up to the palace. Talk to Epimetheus (Hermes, Hermes, Hermes), return to the poison pods and go down the other path as well for some pods. Make sure to focus on Athena and Apollo related answers from now on, but keep in mind that there is an achievement for 5 related answers for each god. When we reach the island, if we make it, you can raise a tremendous racket by banging on your shields.’ 1031 ff : This will be addressed in the walkthrough. Now in the boss battle, make sure to block and attack the snakes to the sides until Pan seals them all. Follow through the market to find a Hermes (1/5), continue on the path and check the left side to talk to Zosime (Athena option. Finally, kill 50 corrupt here! You will get after some time the following achievement, After that you will find the sword and are now able to switch weapons. Explode the bomb at the right time to destroy the sealed gate and reveal the shrine. Head to the marketplace, talk to all the merchants (Apollo). For the 3rd part, it is “King”, “Elaborate speech”, “Neither god nor evil”, ”Death”,”An abomination” and “True enough” (make sure to answer quickly). You can actually grind them, just when you see the sniper running away, you are on a balcony like area (you get some company here). Now is also a good time to spend points on Athenas path, maxing out here is top priority. Save your game before entering and talk to everyone before each battle! This will unlock the following. This should behead your enemies for another achievement. Talk to Medea (choose Athena), check the Armos stands once, head up and talk to Hercules and Argo. Here you also find a Hermes (3/5). Achilles is straight forward, simply defend, dodge and wait for a chance to attack. Continue to the left and once you see a pillar, turn right to get back to the village. You also should have now enough deeds unlocked for maxing out the path of Athena. Shrine of Herakles show the map 1 x Loot Treasure. Head to Pytheas, talk to Hypia and Origen. ‘We are close,’ he said, ‘to the island of Ares. First playthrough should be Apollo and Athena. Here you will most likely get also the 25 kills with thrown spears. Spend your deeds on Apollo and you should be nearly done here (Ares). Anyways, in this cave you will find the Followers of Ares. but this time the lord Klytios' (Clytius') son of Eurytos was ready with his bow bent. Use the navigations console and select LIBRA and PYGMALION to set course for Delphi. Continue, speak to your uncle and to Photios (Choose Apollo 2/5 and twice Athena 2/5, 3/5). Return to the ship, speak with Medea, get aboard and LISTEN to Pan and Hercules before you talk to them (choose Apollo). Accept Pan's persuasive pact of partnership. Complete the constellation Libra, finishing every event on Kythra. He let fly an arrow, struck the bird, and brought it spinning down beside the gallant ship. Speak with Asclepius (Apollo option) and head upstairs. 382 ff (trans. Head straight forward and find your first Hermes (1/7). Talk to Medea (Ares), head across the hall and talk to Medusa (Hermes) until she repeats herself (especially Athenas’ wisdom). Head down the right path now, stick to the right and find Marinos and another fight. NOTE: You should have your 60 animal kills around this time! Whereupon Amphidamas son of Aleus [from Stymphalos in Arkadia] was moved to address his friends. On your way, you should get the following achievement: Complete the constellation Draco, conquering the depths of Tartarus. Then, as though one bird had not sufficed, they saw another swooping in. Silver Foothill Trail show the map 1 x Loot Treasure. NOTE: You can also keep them until you can upgrade one to 100% or keep them until you spend them all at once. The birds were encountered by the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Choose whichever options you want from now on, since it doesn´t matter anymore. Also, check the shrine here (2/3) and use this time to spend aspects on Apollo. Follow the road and get through those 2 huge doors for a cutscene. Rinse and repeat until he throws fireballs at you. For the last round, you need to answer with “Blacktongue” and after the ensuing fight, you will see the solved challenges. Now head to Kythra, KYTHRA (3 Weapons, 7 Hermes, 3 Athena Shrines). If you did the game on legend, as I told you from the beginning, you will also unlock the other ones: STORY PLAYTHROUGH #2 Now there are only 2 achievements left which is maximum favor for Ares and Hermes. From the weapon merchant, go straight and your first right for a cutscene (Athena). ", Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 20 (trans. I will point out places where you can get achievements, so don't worry too much. Once the beam is cast, throw a spear at him. Now leave Pelias in charge (choose Athena), talk to everyone (choose Apollo for Photios), check the Alkmene shrine and talk to each god. I saw the thing myself. This makes up the following (1/5 Hermes, Apollo, Ares, Athena). The two divine entities see in each other their own completion. However, I strongly recommend to stick to only 2 gods for this playthrough to max out.

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