conventional agriculture vs sustainable agriculture

The same goes even to high-output livestock breeds that require special feed, more medical attention and uniform conditions to live up to expectations. This requires inputs of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to artificially create favorable conditions for crops. In Afghanistan, egg and poultry meat production increased after the Government in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) established a training program for women to learn sustainable techniques of increasing their backyard poultry yields. These crops are for their versatility considered the most lucrative option on the market. Sustainable agriculture, on the other hand, uses resources with greater efficiency. Sustainable farms “invest” part of their production into reinvigorating agricultural land. Sustainable agriculture is already proving that it is capable of producing food for growing populations. While heavy machinery keeps spraying #monocrops with #pesticides and #fertilizers, millions of #family #farmers are applying agroecological approaches to redress those impacts and revive #rural areas. Agriculture has been flourishing. Continuous expansion of agriculture is not possible. Greentumble is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Many practices in sustainable farming can greatly reduce the need for more land to produce food, preventing further destruction of natural ecosystems. [1] It also takes into account the locality of the farm and the existing conditions on the ground. Soils will be too exhausted. For example, dairy farmers in Thailand reduced the need for clearing native forests to make way for feed crops by improving productivity of their agricultural lands. One of the biggest differences that is seen time and time again across all research between the two farming practices is the effect on the land. The system is designed to recycle big part of energy on farm. To maximize profits, farms often specialize in growing one kind of a commodity crop on most of the land. This helps to alleviate poverty of rural communities that are dependent on agriculture as their only source of income. There are a few practical reasons why food production of the future needs to move beyond the concept of conventional agriculture and switch to farming practices that are more sustainable to the needs of people and the environment. The problem is not the fact of agriculture, but the method. When it comes to human impact on the environment, few human activities create as many environmental problems as agriculture. The land they own is also solely used for this purpose. For example, sustainable farmers focus on building up soil organic matter through their farming practices, like no tillage, green manure or compost application. This reduces the need to import feed, and at the same time supports manure production right on the farm. In our efforts to substitute for these services, we have to add in chemicals to help us grow food. Localized approach encourages respect for the land and responsible management of resources. Read more about us. A great example of this practice is corn. Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides have to be transported from factories to distributors and then to farmers, covering large distances before reaching the field where they are applied. Time has come to reassess what options we have and how can we grow enough food to feed everyone. The main objective of this farming system is to achieve the maximum possible yield from land. Conventional agriculture is practical and profit driven. In case of unexpected weather like a prolonged period of drought, the chances are that conventional farmers will lose a big part of the harvest. Agriculture has experienced a great transformation over the last three centuries. 3 Sustainable Landscaping Practices for a Greener Yard & Planet, Don’t Throw It Out! They switched from monoculture planting to intercropping of cowpeas and cassava.

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