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This laboratory came as a blessing. At least 5 trimmed nails . We understand that often people want to know the results 16 Jun 2016. the mother) or by using a greater number of markers. Order your kit by telling us the address to which you want us to send the discreet envelope. A standard paternity test also includes obtaining a DNA sample from the mother, if available. Is my information kept private and confidential? IDTO understands the importance of keeping DNA testing results confidential. DNA Paternity Testing. If you are doing a paternity test for only your own private knowledge, with no intentions of ever using our results for any official government matters, then you do not need to show us any ID nor even use your real names. All rights reserved. (depends on the type of sample). Please contact us or book an appointment, or call our executives for any query at +91 7042446667,9266615552. My wife is pregnant and this is just the initial stage. If you are in need of legal DNA testing or non-legal DNA testing services please do not hesitate to contact our office today at 888-204-0583 to set up an appointment today. A paternity test involves taking a DNA sample from 2 people, then comparing them to determine whether or not there is a paternity relationship. other persons. Perform the DNA test for paternity (and more family ties) at SonorADN, a local company located in Hermosillo with more than 10 years of experience. We provide highly Confidential paternity DNA test. When the alleged father is in fact the biological father, this is known as "inclusion". If you have any questions, please call us (Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm ET): Need help using your Curiosity DNA Testing Kit? Somehow I was restless and wanted to get a DNA Test of the unborn child done. Mastery of the most advanced paternity testing techniques. two children an extra charge of £30 for each additional report will be incurred. I surfed the net and came across this company called DDC Laboratories India... Read More, I was in desperate need of this DNA test. The paternity tests are carried out in an accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025 & AABB), Personnel specialized in molecular genetics. Data is processed securely and not sent to any third party. will need to supply a sample from each person, usually a The cost for the secret paternity test is US $268 which includes No. Paternity Test (for up to 3 people) This test will establish the biological relationship between a possible father and child or a possible mother and child. We will send you an envelope containing two sampling kits. The person will be turned away. You can either collect saliva with the cotton swab provided. of a paternity test before they unnecessarily alarm or upset Acceptable in Courts: Admissible Legal Paternity Test optional. Since all of us truly ‘source’ our genetics from our biological parents, a DNA Paternity Test conclusively determines whether a man is a biological father of a child or not. A paternity or maternity test can be used to establish the parenthood of an individual for a court case such as child support, social security, or child custody. A paternity test helps determine whether the adult being tested is the biological father of the child or children. Finally, you will receive your results by email. My girl is 5 months pregnant but she knows that its mine but her and her ex stopped having sex just shortly after we started, i wanted to have a paternity test done just to make sure but i dont want her to find out, is there anything that i can do? Amniotic Fluid or CVS cells. If the DNA from the alleged father does not match the DNA from the child, the alleged father is excluded as the biological father, reporting a 0% probability of paternity. while maintaining complete confidentiality. Up until the late 1980s a blood test was used to determine paternity. We are a private company. Your assigned caseworker will confirm with you before the DNA test on who shall receive a copy of the result and knowing the outcome of the result. We make every effort to make sure, you (the client) are involved if someone attempts to access your DNA result. We can therefore perform the test by taking the DNA from one of the following: hair, nails, used toothbrushes, used cotton swabs, used tissues, cigarette butts etc. This test was limited in its usefulness – it could rule out that a person was the father, but it couldn’t prove that they were. This, of course, is the true test for inheritance and biological relationship. A standard paternity test also includes obtaining a DNA sample from the mother, if available. The DNA test involves us sending you a home kit which has mouth swabs, instructions and DNA testing information. The DNA paternity test is the only irrefutable means to establish the link with the child. Find out which one you need now. All rights reserved. To underline the paternity of a child, a paternity test may be availed. Regular audits to ensure quality service. We use the highest technology and the strictest quality standards. Liquid Semen: collected in a sterilized cotton swab. To take a secret DNA paternity test you Part of our protocol is contacting our client to notify our clients that someone has inquired about their DNA test result. Electric Razor are not acceptable. Kleenex or handkerchief. 1 DDC Way Important: When collecting the sample avoid touching the floss with your fingers. DDC has more than 2 decades of experience with DNA Testing Services in the USA. The Legal Paternity Test (299$) includes a more complex procedure than simply doing the test at home. ... Test Setup. With detailed, in ­depth analyses, a motherless paternity DNA test, with less than 0.1% margins, may also be undertaken using techniques exclusively available in DDC Laboratories India. See our DNA Testing laboratory accreditations. Anonymous, Confidential, Private DNA Paternity Testing. Although the mother’s participation is recommended, a paternity test may also be conclusive without testing a DNA sample from the mother. Customers can request that results be sent to a third-party, such as an attorney, immigration officer, or spouse, by contacting us at 800-344-9583 , Monday-Friday, 8:30a – 5:30 pm ET. Learn the differences in Curiosity vs. Legal DNA testing. Normally, the mother and the alleged father who will be performing the DNA test with the child come to an understanding of who will receive a copy of the result. We are not in the business of selling our client’s information. for testing include: Used Band aids, Tampons, Sanitary napkin, bloody tissues, Gauze. Are my paternity test results confidential? Nails cannot be dirty or have nail polish. Click to see contents of the Test More than 10 000 genetic tests performed every year. In such cases our test is 99.9% accurate. mouth swab for the father, and a discreet sample for the Fresh sample is always recommend. The laboratory analyses the two DNA samples to determine scientifically whether there is a paternity relationship.

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