composite door lock problems

Our doors are designed to last with excellent hardware for your peace of mind over long-term home security. It may be necessary to use more force than normal to ensure all locks enter the lock position. Lightly spraying the screws and central barrel with a lithium-based lubricant every six months should ensure smooth operation. In more serious cases, the entire mechanism will need to be replaced to solve the issue completely. When the sun shines on your door, it will naturally swell and expand  further, making opening and closing almost impossible. A locksmith will usually use a broken key extraction kit for this process. I’m only half kidding, but please do not let my light tone fool you. You will have to deal with potentially being locked out of your home or office, having a broken key, and maybe even having a door lock with broken internal mechanisms. Upvc doors are a big thing these days and have been for a long time now, just look when your walking down a street probably 75% of the doors you see will be upvc. Door lock problems that are a result of debris jamming up the keyway should not be ignored because they can potentially result in more problems, like breaking a key in a lock. Posted by Ben Gatenby on Friday, October 5, 2012. Also, a broken bolt or latch that causes your door lock to jam might be a symptom of a much larger issue, like an attempted home break-in. Although this solution is still fairly simple to execute, you should not hesitate to contact a locksmith about changing your locks if you feel overwhelmed at any point. It is possible to "twist" the door by having different settings here. 58.3% of home break-ins are forcible entry, and if your door locks are loose, it becomes much easier for burglars to exploit your door lock problems. If open, please go to the next question. The best solution to this particular door lock problem is to replace the bolt or latch if it is beyond repair. Try to avoid this as it shows with the door leaf running out against the hinges. Most people just think this is wear and tear and leave the problem until the inevitable happens, a complete mechanism failure. The simplest way to do this is by generously applying some form of lubricant to the keyway of the lock that allows you to clear it out. Be our Customer Number 3000 in 2019 & Win, Driveways Patios Pathways House Surrounds & Much More, © Home Logic UK Ltd. 2018. These are serious door lock problems that should be addressed quickly. Here are the things you should be on the lookout for: Door locks have a lot of moving parts, so it goes without saying that there are several different components holding any given lock body together. It is possible to "twist" the door by having different settings here. We will ask you to show us to a part of your home where we can sit and chat with you if required while sticking to the guidelines. Misaligned door locks can lead to broken door locks or broken doors. This might sound like an easy enough solution, but it varies because there are many different door locks that could be used. If this is the case, you can either opt to disassemble the lock and investigate further or contact a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith that offers lock repair services. A Day in the Life of a Locksmith – 10 Year Anniversary, Over 20% of Britons are still leaving their set of keys hidden in the garden, >> A Day in the Life of a Locksmith - 10 Year Anniversary. Composite doors only very rarely warp, but if you’re having trouble with the door lock, this could be the reason. It is crucial that you choose the right lubricant because choosing the wrong lubricant will harm your lock rather than helping it. If constant use does cause your hinges to drop, your door may need some minor hinge adjustment. You can also adjust the compression of the door by adjusting the 2 bolts next to the hinge. Once you have the appropriate screwdriver, tighten the screws back in place. Hinge has 3 way adjustment. This website is owned by EYG Domestic Limited as part of the EYG Group. Once the key pieces have been extracted, the door lock should be examined. After all, isn’t it as simple as removing the broken key piece and going about your day? Tightening the screws in the hinges should help adjust your door to its correct height and configuration. Door lock problems like misaligned locks are easy to spot and easy to fix, however, you will have to troubleshoot a few things to make sure that you are implementing the right solutions. If this solution does not work, then the problem is with your door lock alignment. If you place your key into your door lock cylinder and turn it, you should be able to lock or unlock your door. This means that you will have to remove your lock from its corresponding door and identify which parts need to be replaced. uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows: Hampshire & Dorset Services. In addition to this, if the misalignment is not tackled in an expedient manner, your door lock problems will compound and get worse. EYG Domestic Limited, Dairycoates Industrial Estate, Wiltshire Road, Hull, HU4 6QQ (FRN No. If necessary, use water to completely flush the drainage slots. We use cookies to help improve our website and personalise your experience. There is +/- 4mm of adjustment here. As the name suggests, a misaligned lock means that key parts of the locking mechanism are not lined up in a way that facilitates the doors core functions. For instance, some of the best front door locks are a mixture of mortise locks and deadbolts. Some of the components in question are the set screw, the fastener and also the spindle that connects both halves of your doorknob, door lock or door handle. We are a credit broker and not a lender and have a facility with a panel of lenders | Home Logic is a trading name of Home Logic UK Ltd, Are uPVC Windows Secure? Once this has been done, install the strike plate at the appropriate height. Doing so will push the key pieces further back, and you also run the risk of damaging another key, as well as your door lock. The poor alignment can occur due to the door twisting or dropping. This can make the door difficult to close and can let in draughts. With guidance from industry associations and government we have developed clear COVID safe procedures covering all aspects of our business. A dropped door can happen to both composite and uPVC doors. Warping, bowing or swelling. We will be able to keep to a minimum of 2 metres away enabling social distancing. Lowdown on Locks, Best Local Double Glazing Companies: Hampshire Handymen, uPVC Sash Windows Benefits: 5 Top Talking Points, uPVC Patio Doors Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire. They are often the result of door locks that were not properly installed, or doors and door frames that are warping due to climate changes. If the door lock is jammed as a result of a blocked keyway, then your primary objective, and solution, is to clean the keyway and rid it of any dirt and obstructions. Those made from plastic reinforced with glass will offer exceptional strength combined with longevity – your new composite door should be lasting a considerable amount of time without fault. However, if they do become faulty it's usually due to one of the following reasons. All internal doors are opened prior to the visit. The longer your door has problems, the more at risk your home is. Unscrew the strike plate and reposition it. We’re going to walk you through four of the most common composite door lock problems, and their solutions, so you always know what to do if a problem occurs. If you are having problems locking or unlocking your door, we aim to rectify this issue via a service call. To prevent a ‘sticky’ lock, use a Teflon-based lubricant on all of its working parts once every 6 months as this should help to maintain a smooth and consistent operation. They each result in a door lock that is hammed and not working the way it should. Neglecting to do so could lead to more lock damage, rather than having the matter resolved efficiently.

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