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The first sample manabase starts at $15. This Temur deck features Savage Knuckleblade and Temur Charm as the only blue cards in the main deck. They produce the mana your deck needs, and are largely immune to hate strategies. I tend to run more top-heavy decks and missing an early land drop can mean turns of playing draw/go. According to Frank Karsten's manabase article, this manabase meets the 21 green mana source requirement to cast a turn 2 Farseek, so I think we're in a good spot. And Horizon Canopy stands out in colors that have a difficult time drawing cards. Land fetchers are cards that let you search your library for a land (usually a basic) and put it into your hand. You cannot know what's possible and what's impossible before you have your mana base. Nonbasic hate is real, and keeps getting worse. Note that if you want to see two sources of this color in your opening hand, you should aim for nineteen sources or more in Constructed. This week, in our Community Section I discuss my recent streaming exper, Frontier Spotlight: Week 1 at Fusion Gaming, Channel Nikachu: Modern Dimir Zombies are CRUSHING, Channel Nikachu: Spreading Seas-less Merfolk. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. I've offered 32 cards above, which means there's room for plenty of lands, and perhaps some mana creatures like Elvish Mystic or Sylvan Caryatid as well. Here are some tidbits that are worth considering when building your 5C manabase based on Frank's numbers: At the lowest budgets, the two best lands we've got are honestly really great: Command Tower is the best land overall, tapping for all 5 colors, enters untapped, no strings attached. First, let's consider the "scale of necessity." on November 24, 2014. timmyt1000 C r u s h f i e l d. Edit Live Edit. Lands like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth or Twilight Mire can also complicate this question a little bit. There're decktechs, altered art card tutorials and the first episodes of C, Welcome to another very special episode of Commander ad Populum. Notice how few “threats” the deck runs (about 6 that could be considered finishers). i've got 37 Lands in all my EDH decks because I run Mox Diamond's ;). As for basics, play at least one of each non-mountain basic land (since Blood Moon will turn your nonbasics into mountains anyway). Do you want to cast your Rakshasa Deathdealer or your Lightning Strike on turn two? Some higher cmc ramp, like Smothering Tithe, generate so much value that it becomes a high priority include despite the higher cmc. At the lowest budget range, the cheapest consistent lands for a 5C deck -- trilands (Jungle Shrine) and vivids (Vivid Meadow) -- all come into play tapped, so they're slow. If you have a Dismal Backwater in your opening hand and have no spell to cast on turn one, then it hasn't negatively impacted you whatsoever! Other decks can afford to build up a bit slower, unless it's forced EDH is a slow format after all, the faster you want to … "Well, the rest are lands," my friend says. Also, there'll come a point where adding your fifteenth enters-the-battlefield-tapped land will indirectly cost you more life (by preventing you from casting your spells on time) than your first "pain land" will. Here's an info dump of land options we'll be using for the sample lists: Ramp has a lot more factors to consider when choosing the right ones for your deck. Just like when choosing lands, when it comes to ramp, mana-fixing options are very important in 5C decks: Arcane Signet is tremendously more useful than a Mind Stone so we have the correct mana to cast the spells in our hand. They are outstanding when played alongside equipment. Does it have another drawback? -Tricolored/Dragon lairs: Thanks to Khans of Tarkir., we now have access to all ten color combinations. Next, let's look for lands that enter the battlefield untapped and produce multiple colors of mana. I currently have three decks I use all three are on my profile. A main color is one that you're counting on seeing in every game. I also see players counting cards like Sol Rings and Llanowar elves as land. (WOTC can’t print anything better than these outside of commander format). The ultimate goal here is to run 10 fetches and 10 shocks for a high degree of speed and consistency. In general, the costs of entering the battlefield tapped go up as the format becomes faster or more powerful. The middle ground might be a slow Abzan deck in Standard, which can play eight tapped lands pretty comfortably (and ten or twelve a little uncomfortably). Terms of Use | #4: Basic Lands/ Snow Covered Basic Lands. This is a situation you should do your best to avoid. The short answer: Play 36-38 minimum, on average. Note that I can fetch Mistveil Plains, and Murmuring Bosk with my fetches as well, which makes me pretty happy. Beyond issues of consistency, lands that produce more than one color of mana often come with a drawback, or at least a set of pros and cons as compared to basic lands. You can find them h, Welcome to another deck tech for the people, by the people, for the people! I aim for between 36 and 38 lands depending on how the deck is built, with about 10 pieces that ramp in one way or another, most of which should be CMC 3 or less and none of them over 4. It's one reason why Evolving Wilds is less appealing than a tri-land in your three-color deck. About 50% of the deck should be a mana source of some sort, with about 1/3 of the deck being actual land. So a GW deck with Llanowar Elves, 4 mana rocks, Avacyn's Pilgrim and 3 variants of Rampant Growth would be 45 - 4 - 1- 3 = 37 lands. 15 sources of black mana. The value of this ramp card is largely dependant on how inherently good mana-fixing your lands are: if your lands don't mana-fix much, such as basic lands, then the Lantern is very good. Generally we are playing with 5-6 people in some sort of free for all variant. His deck is centered on black and green, but splashes into white and blue for one powerful rare each (Siege Rhino and Sagu Mauler). Let's backtrack and play two more, and slightly different, enters-the-battlefield-tapped lands. The diversity of the Commander format means we can go all-in on 0-drop artifacts with a Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain “Cheerios” deck. While Grand Coliseum does enter the battlefield tapped, it can tap for any color for a negligible cost, or tap for colorless if you don't need fixing. Some special cases where you might want to splash in Constructed include: an activated ability (such as one of Deathrite Shaman's two activated abilities); a sideboard card for a slow matchup; or a card that you've put in your deck with the intention to search for it (say with Chord of Calling), but would like the option to cast it in case you draw it. The allied-color Worldwake lands are great to have. But when a devious opponent hits you with turn-3 Toxic Deluge, or Vandalblasts your mana-rock collection, you are now in rebuilding mode. Before reading the rules below, please read the philosophy of commander; simply following the rules is not sufficient to ensure a good play experience.. Deck Construction Rules.

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