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From the Brassica family together with Kale, cauliflower, and canola, the cabbage comes in red and green colours. where it enjoyed cultivation in civilized society. Select options. White Cabbage. Some of the the images we use on are from the internet and not taken by us personally. Spinach. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. For the well-known reason of satiating local demand first, the cabbage market in Kenya has two unequal divisions: local and export. Its growth requires a cool environment with moisture conditions throughout its three seasonal months. The leafy crop is a basic cure, in its elementary cooked form, of multiple diseases ranging from digestion problems like constipation to bone disorders like rheumatism if partaken as part of the diet regularly. See more information about the global White Cabbage market. Organic matter, phosphorous and potassium fertilisers should be applied before transplanting and dressing of nitrogenous fertilisers done about four weeks from transplanting and three weeks thereafter. The Kenya Seed Company is among the seed companies in East Africa that research, develop and market high-yielding cabbage seeds. For instance, in late 2017, a cabbage sack of 126 kilograms cost a minimum of KSH1843 ($18.43) in Nakuru and a maximum of KSH 3700 ($37) in Mombasa. Cabbage Copenhagen Market 39 KSh – 128 KSh /each. You can discover details including top producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices, local product varieties, seasonality, production & export volumes, and more. ... Kenya Seed Agent Application Form (692 downloads) Kenya Seed Products Catalogue (2684 downloads) Kenya. Select options. Read: How to quit your job, move to your farm and start making sane money In our modern Kenyan homes, cabbages are very popular. Round Shape - Round Heads are a market preference 3. The best soil PH is between 6.5 to 6.8 with a low level of acidity. They usually recommend the growing of the seeds in raised nurseries prior to transferring the seedlings to the farm. Explore detailed information about the global White Cabbage markets. Market Shares in global exports. They are loved because one can serve many people as well as last for a long time, thud cost effective. Selina Wamucii is a platform for food & agricultural produce from Africa’s cooperatives, farmers groups, agro-processors and other organizations that work directly with family farmers. Select options. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Read: How to quit your job, move to your farm and start making sane money. If growers are equipped with drip irrigation, they should plan their planting times so that cabbages will be available for sale in the dry season when prices are highest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Limuru is a major producer of this type of cabbage due to its cool weather. ===== Read more.Accept Cookies, Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay through Mpesa, Cabbage Farming in Kenya: How to Make Money in Kenya by Growing Cabbages, ← How the SportPesa and Arsenal FC Partnership Deal will Benefit Kenyans, Safaricom Mpesa Charges 2020: Mpesa Withdrawal Charges and Rates →, Poodle cross dogs: best hypoallergenic poodle mixes for people with allergies, Benefits of owning a pet: why you should have a pet, Whatsapp pay - new whatsapp payment from facebook. They usually require a sharp blade to sever the stalk a few inches below the lowest leaves. All Rights Reserved, We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Kenya farmers have been used for long to popular varieties like Gloria F1, Copenhagen, Sunny F1, Karen F1 and Riana F1. As a result, they require fertile soil. Owing to its high Vitamin C proficiency, the cabbage intake reduces related diseases like bleeding gums, dry lip edges and weak immunity against disease. In Embu and Meru in Eastern and Nyeri and Murang’a in Central, the crop grows between 800 and 2500 meters above sea level and is mostly for the local market. 1. We source our Kenya cabbage from family growers in Kenya. The total cash spent is estimated at Ksh 80,000 (From nursery all the way to harvesting minus irrigation equipment). Unfortunately, we do not have Seasonality data related to White Cabbage in Kenya at the moment, but we may be able to help you find the data that you need. It matures a little ahead of its third month after planting. Kenya cabbage (botanical name Brassica Oleracea) constitutes one of the most common family of vegetables in terms of daily use in the country and the world. The cabbage heads are mature and ready for harvest when they become firm to the touch. Avoid premature harvesting of cabbages. Top Kenya Flea & Street Markets: See reviews and photos of flea & street markets in Kenya, Africa on Tripadvisor. Read: What Is the Difference Between Agriculture And Agribusiness? Read: I Have Been a Good Farmer Why Aren’t I Successful Yet? If you are a buyer who wants to buy a specific product, simply leave us an inquiry and we’ll find the best matching offers for you. The same applies to Baringo and Nakuru in the Rift Valley and neighboring Nyandarua where the crop thrives at altitudes between 2100 and 2800 meters. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. 0.83. The country is among a handful of net exporters of cabbages in Africa. Register your farm or Coop now to sell your produce directly to buyers worldwide. Its seed is widely available in many agro-stores in Kenya. They have a high-water requirement and do best with at least 500 millimeters of rainfall yearly. Even in world producers like the US, much of the cabbage production enjoys local retail. According to Kenya Seed Company, the big blue green cabbage has the ability to outdo others in the green vegetable market. 475,000 per acre in just 85 days. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will try our best to help you. Trust is the key in global trade platform. Farm fresh red cabbage price per kg. Some farmers in Central Kenya have reportedly earned KSH 167, 500 ($1643) in just a single acre’s harvest. The easiest way to control the infestation of aphids and other boring and leaf-consuming pests is crop rotation. In our modern Kenyan homes, cabbages are very popular. Waxy - Waxy leaves get less attacks by moths (the wiremesh curtain look on leaves) 4. Arguably, despite being a cool weather crop, Kenya cabbage is most common to find in dry areas where irrigation is the main method of cultivation.

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