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Nothing says support better than a coil system, but you want a coil system that is long lasting and provides flexible support to adapt to your body’s needs. The Avocado mattress is the best premium natural hybrid mattress there is on the market. Happsy vs Avocado Mattress Comparison. While they may sound similar, an organic certification is slightly more prestigious than natural. Look instead for certifications from regulated third-party groups. Latex foam, because it is a naturally airy and porous, coupled with moisture-wicking wool and breathable cotton, makes this mattress great at temperature regulation. Because you don’t have a chance to physically test out the mattress before you buy it, both Birch and Avocado offer trial periods. This is a softer mattress, ideal for side sleepers, and ranging from a 5.5 to 6 on a 1 through 10 firmness scale. Medium-firm is especially great for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs, because it means that there will be enough lumbar support to avoid any spine issues. This includes the highest quality from the most comfortable products, but this time with sustainable sourced materials. You’ll find some seasonal offers, for instance, both Birch and Avocado held $200 off during Fourth of July specials. With the additional 2” euro pillow topper, however, which we’d definitely recommend for petite to average sized side sleepers, brings the mattress closer to a medium-firm. for the queen size and 130 lbs. Side sleepers often need a bit more cushion, so if you identify with this sleeper type consider opting for the topper. In addition, any bounce that is possible is quieted by thick layers of wool and Talalay latex, so your partner will have no idea how many times you’ve rolled over throughout the night. If you can believe it, this isn’t even an exhaustive list of all of Avocado’s certifications and partnerships, to read more, check out Avocado’s certifications page, and maybe even click through to their magazine which has some great articles about living a greener lifestyle. Also access all of our latest and greatest Mattress Reviews too! Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how these mattresses are made and what sets them apart from one another, you have a job to do: choose one. Even if that answer s just for you to decide, its true that the Birch has solid and durable edges that can be fully utilized for sleeping, and that are easy to get in and out of. You ride your bike to work every day, you bring your reusable bags to the farmer’s market, and you’ve sworn off fast-fashion and plastic straws, but you’re still looking for ways to incorporate your passion for environmentally conscious living into other areas of your life. The material also prevents you from sinking in too much and therefore from getting too hot. The 11” Avocado mattress will be approximately 96 lbs. The Avocado mattress is natural, comfortable, and reliable. Still, the process of ordering your Birch mattress is simple and convenient. As part of the natural process, the individually pocketed coils of the Birch mattress are manufactured right in the U.S. That’s why the Avocado mattress uses 100% Natural Dunlop Latex rubber, certified organic Joma New Zealand wool, recycled steel ergonomic support coils, and certified organic cotton. Well, keep in mind that you spend hours and years with your mattress, so buying a mattress that is going to last a long time and will provide the kind of comfort and support that you need is an investment that we think is pretty wise. Another issue that couples face is different sleeping temperatures. These natural, hybrid latex and coil system mattresses are a good match when it comes to materials, but you just can’t beat the 100% certified, organic, all natural promise of the Avocado. That’s why it’s added to the Avocado mattress, to keep you sleeping comfortably all night long. Then, if you’re looking for more information, read on below. The top comfort layer of the Birch mattress is also composed of thick Birch wool, which serves both as a source of cushion and softness, and as a natural fire retardant. I want to go for Avocado because there's been many good reviews on this company and its mattresses. The natural Talalay latex is ideal for reliving pressure points and evenly distributing weight. Those who sleep hot often have a hard time finding a bed that will keep them cool enough to sleep comfortably. Click the link below to see the deals we've found today. No? This helps make the mattress responsive, while limiting motion transfer and also makes the coils themselves super durable because there is no chance of them rubbing up against the other coils and getting damaged. These are the standard trial periods and warranties of most mattresses, so you know all natural doesn’t mean you’re getting anything less than the best. These coils provide spinal alignment and ideal economics. All Right Reserved, series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to, Supports all body types from petite to heavy, Somewhat pricey, comparative to non-organic mattresses, Not as ideal for petite sleepers without investing in a topper, Might be too firm for those looking for a soft mattress, Not as ideal for petite sleepers without investing in a topper to bring it to a more medium-firm. Then with the softer Talalay latex, coupled with the generous portion of wool on the mattress, we think the firmness level lands at medium-firm. Environmentally savvy buyers will also be thrilled to learn that Birch and Avocado both support 1% For The Planet, meaning they donate 1% of all corporate revenues to environmental non-profits. Hand tufting leaves behind cotton-yarn buttons, a look that is distinctly Avocado. Next comes the support layers. If you don’t like the mattress within the time allotted, you can return it for a full refund. Birch uses high quality wool in two layers: the batting base layer and the thick comfort layer at the top. We think having such a long warranty really speaks to the quality and durability of these products. Either Avocado mattress is suitable for heavier persons because it uses thick, dense, heavy duty comfort that is durable, but still maintains comfort. This means you will have a total of 5” of Dunlop Latex, making the mattress 13” thick. When it comes to Birch vs Avocado mattress edge support, the thick layer of wool Birch wool really helps deaden any movement that might transfer from one side of the bed to the other. Birch is Helix’s answer to the increasing demand for environmentally conscious alternatives. The latex layer that Avocado uses is 3” thick and made using the Dunlop process. The standard option Avocado mattress is 11” thick. It is actually pretty insane, once you get your mattress unboxed and set up, to think that something so sturdy and resilient was ever able to fit in a box small enough to easily make it through your front door. Similarly, the Birch also has reinforced coils around the perimeter to increase edge support. This means that each coil, made from American steel, is individually encased to move independently of the others. Get pressure relief, support and your ideal comfort in this natural and organic mattress at They both exist within the hybrid mattress category because they are primarily made of natural latex foam and pocketed steel coils. This certification means the factory meets stringent standards for responsible resource management and sustainable rates of consumption. Everything about the Avocado mattress is everything you want to say ahhhh, keeping you cool and refreshed the whole night long. Unlike traditional innersprings, Birch uses 8” of pocketed coils. This certification is really tough to get and is super impressive. As of July 2020, according to the Birch and Avocado websites, the price comparison of Birch vs Avocado mattresses is as follows: So how much is this going to cost me? For $400 more you can upgrade with an additional 2” of Dunlop pillow top. Even as their new, natural option, the Birch still upholds all the standards of the Helix brand. All Rights Reserved. The Birch mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that uses genuine Talalay latex. Edge support is always overlooked when it comes to buying a mattress online, but it’s not something you’ll miss with the Avocado mattress. If that’s not enough, you can also feel comfortable knowing that your sleep is eco-friendly, and non hazardous and non toxic to the sleeper. They are both fully GOTS and GOLS certified for their cotton, wool, and natural latex. Unlike other review sites, the Slumber Yard team personally tests and assesses each sleep product on YouTube and our website through a series of practical, hands-on inspections and assessments, with utmost commitment to honesty and authenticity.

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