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“Iban The Dude” showcases Cinders’ impressive range of new magic. He has tons of other mods which I’m sure you’re going to want to check out, so get started with this one. Removed dinge from all metal pieces. Perpetually filled with conniptions. To experience this #content, you will need to enable targeting cookies. Support RPS and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and free stuff! A great example of his skybox mods is the Heide’s Tower of Flame mod. One of the bigger texture mods, the Zelda Textures includes multiple clothing, shield, and weapon textures based from the world of Hyrule. Sick! It also doesn’t run at more than 30 FPS, DSFixes that too. 17. A simple ReShade preset that enhances the look of the game without any unnecessary changes. In theory, the heavier your armor, the harder you are to stagger, meaning you can play a kind of turtle defense game style and power through blows, as evidenced in the first game. By the time I had a chance to level up, I was sitting on a bounty of 16,000 souls. Simply put, this mod increases the range in which enemies can detect you, while also manipulating their AI to be more persistent in chasing you for longer. Dark Souls fans are some of the most hardcore gamers out there. Focusing more on weapons, armor, and shields, he’s created a whole lot of great-looking textures for DS2. Fitting for a series about the tireless, obsessive undead that the game should still be alive and kicking after all these years. Daughters of Ash Remastered. 10. He was annoyed at how the popup notification for invasions would always overlap with the item slot boxes in the HUD. You can find out more in our This Dark Souls mod makes the game more like Bloodborne. There’s a second pack available here. It fixes most things better than DSFix can, and the stuff that it graphically messed up you can fix with various mods from DS Remastered Nexus like DS:R Materials Update and Upscaled UI Icons. This ties into a challenge called the “Use What You See”, popularized by Twitch streamer LobosJr. The Poise mod changes the values to reflect the armor ones, allowing players to utilize tank characters properly for the first time in the game. Optional Black Iron Greatsword and Greatshield to match. This mod will turn the camera from a third-person perspective to a first-person one, making you only able to see your hands and weapon. Witchers, Mordor, and Dragons! GeDoSaTo doesn’t only let you do that, but goes much further: allowing for more in-depth texture modding of the game. Such is the case for modder KampfKlops. My current load out that I consider essential: (your choice of HUD mod. As such, this may not be the biggest or most technically impressive of Souls 2 mods, but it’s the most popular, especially among Twitch streamers. Fans of Skyrim may recognise mod maker Vurt for his impressive foliage improvement mods, which is why it’s great to see him bringing his talents to Dark Souls. Souls 3 modding is in the wild and experimental phase. Sorry. These next few entries may give you the much-needed break from the seriousness of the game, maybe even make you forget that you’ve been stuck on the same boss for days now. Oh My! Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Some people just don’t want a strong item that doesn’t look nearly as cool as the other weaker weapons. best. Using it on your character only, however, turns you into an almost omnipresent creature zooming in and out of the place, much like the Flash but much, much uglier – that is, depending on the character you created. Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Whether it’s enemy health or your own health, it’s important to know where everyone stands. Optional graphical mods (may take performance hit): Dark souls HD texture pack performance edition, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Have you ever wanted to feel like Green Lantern as he pummels enemies with various kinds of weaponry, switching them on the fly? What’s more important in a game like Dark Souls 2 than playing comfortably? I cannot understate how essential this mod is. All rights reserved, Covering The Best In Video Games, Esports, Movies and Geek Culture. When I say all textures, I do mean all the textures. Thanks to darkravensilversmith, the graphics of your favorite weapons and armor are just so much nicer. Have fun storming Sen’s castle! When is what happening? Easy fix that should save your life a couple of times. Well now you can, albeit randomly, with the Dank Random Weapon mod for Dark Souls III. As you can set the time difference between each swap, it can make for playthroughs that are as interesting as they are challenging. In this example, the ordinary afternoon sky is replaced with a much more vibrant dusk setting. Talismans are some the best tools for any Ashen one exploring the world of Darks Souls 3 that intends to take advantage of miracles. Are you a fan of Dark Souls II, where the game’s idea of difficulty is throwing you multiple enemies at once? Gameplays in general are RNG-heavy; who knows if the Estoc you carry now will be replaced by a broken long sword, or even worse, something unusable, before a difficult boss fight. Sort by. Well if you’re nearly as bothered as funexplosions was then you’re in luck! Some of them are for PVE (player versus environment) and others specialize in PVP (player versus player). While limited in what can be added to the trilogy (though breakthroughs are being made on that front, too), it turns out that by creatively rearranging what’s already there, you can get what feels almost like a new game. I think fixing enemy health bars is an essential but there are multiple mods that do this. “Wikloe” on YouTube challenges a ‘new’ boss recovered from Dark Souls’ cut content vault. There are many different builds available in games that allow as much customization as Dark Souls 3. For when you don’t want to get to close. We’ve heard stories of controllers being thrown and destroyed, there are even rage compilations on YouTube of streamers losing it. Now we all have preferences in terms of controllers. Lucky for us modder Shametal made it possible. It seems like the Souls series is something you’ll either love or hate, and those who love it seem to really love it. This neat little program allows you to edit every aspect of DSFix: things like resolution, SSAO, depth of field, and the HUD options, without having to tinker around with the ini files. Modder Alazgor decided to take a different approach with this one. For more information, click here. You can even re-fight old bosses (in original or ‘nightmare’ forms) for extra rewards by talking to the Handmaid. No need to worry though. Archery allows the Ashen one to go about the world almost like an older stealth game rather than an action RPG. Regardless of how many times they die, they don’t want Hollowing to alter their appearance. The mod works on a timer, which is customizable, and the time specified is the duration in between weapon swaps, all of which are randomized. save. With Dark Souls 2, however, there are much stricter anti-cheat policies making it difficult for modders to push content for the game. So please, check yourself before you wreck your Souls account standing. However, this was changed in Dark Souls III, as poise no longer protect yourself from staggers, arguably making heavier armor useless. While it might seem that Augur Of Darkness is preoccupied with murdering you to death (and it is), there’s a lot more to it. An example would be the ring effect animations, which modder DaringSerenity thought were over the top. Second, and possibly more important, is that the original release of the game is no longer for sale on any major storefront. Touching on mostly everything in the game, from adding/changing enemies, bonfire and item locations, and level shortcuts, he created this mod with the aim of improving the overall flow of the game. Perhaps inspired by the frequent appearances by the Pursuer, modders decided to double down on surprising the player with hilariously deadly encounters. Password must be at least. While I played the version of the mod for Dark Souls Remastered (which is easier to set up), there is a multiplayer-compatible version for the older Prepare To Die Edition of the game, available here.

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