best bass octave pedal

Octave Pedals. A bass octave pedal is a classic effect used in countless recordings. That is why we bring you a list with the best 7 bass octave pedals that you can find in the market. The best part about the pedal is that the octaves sound punchy and high-quality. When activated, this pedal usually produces a fuzzy, synthesizer effect, similar to that of a synth pedal.. It simply adds a higher or lower copy of the original signal which produces a dual tone exactly one octave apart which sounds especially good on bass. Bottom Line: The EBS SE-OC is predominantly a bass octave pedal, and shows its true class when you are playing in the higher registers of a 4-string bass. Octave pedals are a kind of pitch shifting pedal. This bass guitar octave pedal is unique, as it can produce notes one and two octaves down. Check Price On Amazon. It tracks very well, had great tone, goes up and down. First place is reserved for a different Electro-Harmonix octave pedal, just this time it is a polyphonic unit that’s designed to provide your guitar tone a … A Handful of the Best Volume Pedals for Bass Around: Ernie Ball, Morely and; Visual Volume. My Review: The M280 Vintage Bass Octave brings warm analog sounds to your table, from chest-thumping dub-bass to wall-shaking growls and all this in the MXR mini housing. 2. The pedal is small, yet sturdy and the best thing is that you can choose to set it to Dry, Sub Octave or Octave Up, meaning that no matter if you want to get a fat bass amp or a distorted treble, this is the best one to go for! My favorite analog octave pedal so far is the BMS. It comes equipped with 2 voices, one octave down and two octaves down, which you can blend as you see fit using the OCT1 and OCT2 volume control. Electro Harmonix Micro Pog Polyphonic Octave Generator Guitar Effects Pedal. A bass octave pedal splits the signal in two octaves – one is low and distorted, while the other one is high and clean. The Best Bass Octave Pedal 1. It may be the best of both worlds for monophonic sub octave. This stompbox is stacked with adjustable parameters which allow you to shape your tone with pinpoint accuracy. The M series Octaver is a digital model of an analog octave pedal. When activated in the pedal chain, octave pedals work by splitting your signal into 2 octaves, one clean high and one distorted low one. There are three pre-programmed modes for players to choose from. Donner Digital Octave Guitar Harmonic This is a very tough little pedal, composed with a digital circuit that provides exceptional performance considering the price. In my opinion, this is one of the best octave pedals for bass guitar out there. Pedal Type: Octave.

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