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The program focuses on a sustainable approach to using energy, as students learn to design machines like energy-efficient wind turbines. Helpful across all areas of engineering, this course will cover the fundamentals of engineering – such as orthographic, isometric, and auxiliary projections – and provide an introduction to the techniques for creating solid models of engineering design. Mechanical engineers generally work full-time and spend most of their work hours in an office environment. With this degree you might find opportunities to work in academia or industry. Transfer students may not have to submit exam scores, but admissions coordinators will look at a GPA from their previous institution as well as their course load and its level of difficulty. A very specific skill required at the start of certain engineering projects, you might want to pursue a certification in construction estimating after you’ve spent a few years in the field. You should first ensure you have a significant number of math and science classes under your belt, such as algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus, physical science, applied biology/chemistry, and advanced physics. This is a method of predicting how a product will react to real-world forces by subdividing it into smaller parts, or finite elements. Even after you’ve chosen your online engineering degree program, some core courses may differ, based on the college or university. ASME is a professional association for mechanical engineers. Portales, … An industrial engineer's primary focus is to streamline manufacturing processes and increase efficiency within a production facility. Whether designing elevator lift systems, long-lasting car batteries or security sensors, mechanical engineers use computers to help design and test their products, so they must be proficient in computer-assisted design (CAD) and other position-specific computer programs. By the end of their second year, mechanical engineering students should have some knowledge of dynamics, or the motion of mechanical elements and the forces that act upon them. Students learn the necessary basic science and engineering principles to become successful professionals, as well as applied skills like computer-aided design. Mechanical engineering is growing slightly faster than the average of all engineering careers, but growth rates differ between specific industries and specializations within the field. Although this skill can be learned through proper mentoring out in the field, you may want to enroll in a certificate course to examine these processes. Even if online orientation and advising is not required or available, mechanical engineering students should familiarize themselves with the course delivery system before the first day of class to answer questions and make sure there are not any issues with design software or other tech specs. PBV compares the cost of a program to the cost of other programs with the same (or similar) qualitative score and cost. Additional subjects may be addressed, such as simple particle kinetics and kinematics, the laws of motion, work-energy and impulse-momentum principles for particle and rigid body motion. ABET accreditation secures university programs in the fields of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels. The tool's basic search allows users to find schools by name, location, tuition and institution type, and the advanced search allows for more tailored results. A strong background in these topics is essential to learning many of the concepts and skills specific to mechanical engineering that students will see in their third and fourth years of their online bachelor’s program. Students enrolled in online mechanical engineering programs need to have access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. Eastern New Mexico University. This skill will be learned during your undergraduate studies in engineering. Rest assured that the accreditation process is an arduous 18-month process for universities. Thingiverse allows users to store and share their own 3D designs and is a great tool for students learning CAD. According to, “The work of an engineer is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs.” As an engineer, you will be aiding in the maintenance, design, production, and implementation of new and existing products. The majority of engineers in most fields hold a bachelor’s degree. Students will conduct experiments, interpret data and design systems. This course will prepare you for your future in electrical engineering. The program also focuses on the conservation of energy that drives machines. Prospective students can also use the search tool below to find schools that offer online bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering. Component design courses often mix theory and practice, so online students may need to attend on-campus labs to test stress and failure theory and to create machine elements like shafts, gears, bearings, clutches and joints. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) makes the point that accreditation affords you confidence in your education. Many online bachelor’s degree programs are available to those looking to study mechanical engineering. The journey of becoming an engineer is not an easy one. Some engineers even continue all the way through to a PhD degree, typically requiring a total of six to seven years of study. Prospective students are usually required to provide official college transcripts, GRE test scores, a resume, and letters of … This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Salary Growth Potential for Professionals with This Skill: 2%. What’s particularly unique about the field of engineering is that it is incredibly expansive. More commonly, however, students will enroll in a bachelor of science degree program, which generally takes four years to complete. However, you will find some accredited programs offering a completely online engineering degree. The demand for talented employees with online engineering degrees is high. The online degree programs in this list offer mechanical engineering students academic and financial support to help them successfully complete their bachelor’s degrees and enter the workforce. Three-dimensional modeling, orthographic sketching, and computer-generated design documentation are also likely to be examined. This may either be learned in your undergraduate studies in engineering or through a certification program. They should be prepared to take this knowledge and expand upon it in the workplace or in continued education, where program graduates will have the opportunity to explore topics in more detail and become area specialists. Salary Growth Potential for Professionals with This Skill: 5%. In order to obtain licensure, you must first earn an undergraduate degree accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). You may find yourself conceptualizing a product from scratch, or perhaps refining an already-existent product.

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