ac odyssey to help a girl investigate

Hi, I've encountered a bug during the main quest "To help a Girl". To Help a Girl, quest walkthrough and hints. I've searched a very large area around the body of the client but still no guards. Gaining the trust of the hetaerae was easier said then done. When one of their clients acted strangely, a reluctant Damalis asked Alexios to investigate what could have changed him. The hetaerae to investigate is standing in a nook near a pink rug with wings on it. Alexios followed Alkibiades's lead to Korinthia, a Land of corrupt commerce and elusive hetaerae. AC Odyssey: To help a girl (quest bug) // Bug. To Find a Girl, quest walkthrough and hints. So elusive were the hetaerae, in fact, Alexios would have some trouble finding Anthousa, their leader. Head to Korinthia and to the Porneion. The client didn't give any issues but no guards showed up. At a certain point during the quest I have to kill the client and his guards.

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